7 new questions about Google Business Profile

2021 has been full of twists and turns for businesses using Google My Business (GMB), now called Google Business Profile (GBP). They have faced the development of functionality to manage business profiles on Maps. At the same time, Google’s support team has been flooded with requests. So it took a few months to catch up.

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However, many problems are still unsolved. For companies, it can be unfortunate to find that not everything works as expected. Sometimes we don’t even understand the source of the problem and why it is still unresolved.

Despite this, users must remain patient and maintain trust. Google’s engineers and support team continue to work on fixing bugs and developing new features. They are also working to resolve issues raised by the GBP community. Here are 7 new issues related to GBP and GMB and also some solutions.

1. It is not possible to delete addresses for SABs

According to our observations, a new trend is taking hold. Most of the old suspended business profiles are reinstated. In addition, the old address that was displayed comes back again during this reintegration. But what is the reason for the deletion of all these profiles? These profiles displayed an address so they clearly violated the rules and there was no way to remove them.

The solution to this difficulty

So far, there is no clear solution to deal with this situation. We will therefore have to wait and wait for Google.

The deadline

There is no estimated time frame for this situation. The Google Business Profile (GBP) team continues to investigate.

2. Reintegration loops

The term “reintegration loop” helps explain what happens to the roughly 1% of profiles suspended after a reintegration. The reason for this loop was that the company was using a FedEx or UPS drop-off location as the address. However, we have noticed a significant increase in this situation in recent months. After being informed, the Google Business Profile team promised to look into the matter.

The solution to the problem

At this time, you can only contact support or reply to your recovery email. It may happen that the GBP team does not fully understand your problem. So don’t hesitate to send them a video to better explain the situation. If, despite this attempt, you are still suspended, please use this template to document the problem.

“Hey, I’ve been suspended and reinstated X times.”

Example: 02/12/21: XX-XXXXXXXXX: Reinstated then suspended

Date: Case ID: Resolution

Date: Case ID: Resolution

Date: Case ID: Resolution

If the problem persists more than once, please report it to the community

The deadline

There is no known time frame to resolve this issue. The GBP team is working on it.

3. Category of service companies

Service companies appear on Google Maps with the additional mention “Service Establishment”. If you see a service company on Google Maps and look at its source code, you will see this additional mention. You’ll also see it if you use one of Chrome’s many extensions. Strange as it may seem, the “Service Establishment” category does not exist in Google My Business.

It is therefore impossible to select it when you add categories to your business profile. The category you see on Google Maps also does not appear in the GMB dashboard. There are also some users who have both a “service business” and “commercial storefront” business profile. Although not a problem, these users report a decrease in the visibility of their SABs. Other users report that instead of being sorted around the verified address in the list (which is how SABs are sorted), they are being sorted around a different city.

The solution to the problem

Currently, there is no real solution to the problem. The team is investigating the matter. So far, the amount of reports of visibility drops is low. But misclassifications can be explained by many other factors. Please note that Google does not provide support for general ranking issues. If it doesn’t find a recognized error, the wizard won’t help you. You would think that Google has changed the way it deals with service companies.

At the same time, it can indicate that it is a small problem with no impact that can be solved later. Always remember that Google is well aware of the presence of this extra category on the map.

The deadline

There is no time limit to solve this problem.

4. Change of telephone numbers in India

For a few months, Indian users have not been able to change the phone number on their GMB listing. At first, the situation looked like a simple mistake. In the third quarter, Google updated the help center document. It says ‘What happens with changes to your business profile’. Here he explains that it was a deliberate change that was carried out for the purpose of quality control.


So even though Google acknowledged the problem, many still thought it was a bug. To change their phone numbers, Indian users had to seek help from the support team.

The solution to the problem

Google has finally updated the workflow for Indian users. To change their phone number, they are now asked to upload additional documents. In addition, Google pinned a notice to the top of the help community outlining the new process. It is highly recommended to follow this new procedure when working with company profiles from India. Note: This additional requirement, for documentation in India, implies that phone number changes are handled manually. It is therefore a big job that can sometimes take time.

The deadline

There is no time limit for solving the problem. However, the new workflow implemented by Google reduces the number of affected users.

5. Drop in Support assistance due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 health situation managed to put pressure on Google’s support team. In Q3 2021, Google added a notification bar at the top of the help community.


What were you supposed to do?

In this situation, it is best to expect delays. You can also show a little more kindness. The impact of COVID-19 differs from country to country and from time to time. Patience is therefore your only option.

6. Legal comments will not be displayed

The problem of posting legitimate comments still persists. The comments left by a company are not actually displayed. The author of the comment sees it, but it is not displayed publicly. Experienced GMB users can easily identify a review that has been rejected by Google’s crawler.

With a little practice, derogatory comments and forbidden words can be easily detected. However, the current wave of rejected comments is different. These comments often contain no evidence of violations of Google’s content policies. Even experienced GMB professionals cannot explain the triggering of the filter.

The solution to the problem

According to Google, “in most cases, missing reviews have been removed due to policy violations“. Users should refer to the “Missing reviews and delays” document in the Help Center. Of course, that doesn’t really solve the problem. However, you can report your issue in the community forum if you have a screenshot of the missing message. Just post the recording and add your company’s Google Maps URL. An expert can forward the case to the support team for processing.

7. The 85% error and the cover image that doesn’t seem to update

For the past few months, Google has been inviting users to fill out their business profile. This message appears even if all available fields are already filled. The message contains an indicator that the form is only 85% completed. This percentage can sometimes vary from 65 to 85%. In any case, this value is absurd. The same message also informs the user how to complete the form. So you will see” add your logo even if you already have a logo available. For those who didn’t have a logo, adding a logo still doesn’t cancel the warning.

The solution to the problem

Currently there is no solution to this problem. So you’ll just have to ignore the warning. However, Google announced at the start of the year that this problem would be resolved by the end of 2021. Despite the expiry of the deadline, no change has yet been observed. To be on the safe side, you can check your professional profile.

The uploaded logo will then be publicly visible. You also need to be more lenient. Remember that the support and technical team consists of people. Despite the current health situation, GMB has continued to work on testing new features that can help businesses. So be patient!

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