which brands are the most damaged?

Even if that means buying a car, especially a used car, you might as well make sure the latter doesn’t become a money sink. Especially in light of a possible accident. It was the CarVertical organization that conducted the study.

On it used market, not all brands are created equal. According to one recent study by carVertical, 52.4% of used cars on the market show damage. The company, which provides vehicle history reports, says that while more than half of used cars on the market are or have been in accidents, not all makes are created equal. And the results of the study are surprising.

carVertical initiated this research to find out if it was possible to establish one statistical difference the difference between the different brands and the frequency of damage they suffer, the average cost of repairs carried out and the average number of damages per vehicle. Sports car enthusiasts have something to worry about.

More than 2 million vehicles analyzed

To gather enough information about the types of vehicles most often involved in accidents, carVertical was able to use the data of more than 2 million cars checked on its platform around the world. Its experts were then able to extrapolate precise statistics for each market. In this study, the statistics presented are taken from data from vehicle history reports ordered in France on the carVertical platform.

  • To determine which car brands were damaged most often, the percentage of damaged cars out of all inspections ordered for that manufacturer was collected.
  • The average value of damages per vehicle was then calculated from the sum of all the accidents listed for a given brand. In total, billions of damages have been analyzed.
  • The average number of injuries to a vehicle of each make was determined by counting the number of accidents on the particular models of a make. This was then divided by the number of background checks in a particular market.

Subaru, Ferrari, Porsche… the brands most often involved in accidents

One would think that the owner of an expensive car would encourage its owner to be careful. But the statistics show that this is not the case. If we look at the percentage of vehicles of the same brand sold on the used market that have a history of accidents, it is the sports model manufacturers that occupy the top of the ranking.

On the top step of the podium, 94.2% of Subarus checked on the carVertical platform had a history of damage. Ferrari and Porsche follow with 68.9% and 66.9% respectively vehicles presented on the market with an accident history. Volvo and Jaguar close the top 5 where every second car has sustained damage at some point in their existence on the road.

Surprisingly, owners of more economical cars seem to take better care of them. In fact, cars from brands such as Škoda (15.4%), Renault (15%) or Toyota (12.5%) arrive much less often with a history of damage on the used market.

Matas Buzeliscommunications director at carVertical, believes that “ Although the average proportion of damaged vehicles checked on carVertical in France is around 28.5%, almost all Subarus checked on the platform in France have a history of damage. It should also be noted that this brand is way ahead of other brands, which means buyers should be careful when looking for their next used car..”

Ferrari and Dodge among the most expensive to repair

It will come as no surprise to anyone, these luxury brands which monopolizes the top 5 of the most frequently damaged cars, also occupies the top 5 of repair costs incurred. On the other hand, things are going better for the Subaru brand, as the Japanese manufacturer comes out on top here.

Average, the value of the damage to a Ferrari is €112,384way ahead of the second most expensive brand in terms of repairs, Dodgewith €21,894 damage on average on the French market. Porsche, with an average of €13,949 in damagetakes third place on this podium, followed by Chevrolet (with €11,954) and Jaguar (with €9,194).

Compared with, the average damage cost for all manufacturers combined is €3,574. A far cry from the amounts required on these luxury models.

Sports car accidents are at a whole new level in terms of the cost of repairs. The smallest scratch can lead to a big bill. Overall, the more expensive the vehicle, the greater the damage caused in an accident. This explains why brands such as Peugeot or Citroën are among the manufacturers of cheaper cars commented Matas Buzelis.

Subarus are also the most accident prone

Not only have Subarus seen on the used market more than a 9 out of 10 chance of being damaged, but they have also been damaged two or more times (2.06 accidents per car on average). Again, the ranking is the same: Ferrari in second place (1.81 accidents on average), precedes Porsche (1.69 accidents), then Volvo (1.09 accidents) and Jaguar (0.96 accidents). Gossip can create a link between engine power and accident frequency…

Conversely, Škoda (0.23 accidents), Abarth (also 0.23) and Lexus (only 0.14) the lowest frequency of damage occurring among the millions of cars verified on carVertical. Matas Buzelis concludes: “ The average age of vehicles checked on our platform in France is 9 years and 3 months. Of course, some car brands will have accidents once or twice during this period. This proves, if necessary, that you should not hesitate to check the history of a car, as it can help during negotiations or avoid making a bad deal.

And if you’re wondering if you’re a bad driver because you’ve already sustained more injuries than the average presented here, know that the record for the number of accidents recorded on the same car in the vertical car archives is 35! In fact, several Mercedes Benz have had the sad honor of accumulating such a history of accidents during their existence.

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