VIDEO. Who is right in this situation: the car or the bike? Debate ignites Twitter (and here’s the answer)

In a video that has been viewed almost a million times, Vélotaf Metz explains two situations he has faced with motorists. (©Twitter screenshot/Vélotaf Metz)

“The numbers are staggering.” Vélotaf Metz certainly did not expect such virality for one of its videos published on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 on Twitter.

Two days later, the clip, which is barely a minute long, reached almost a million views. We see the cyclist in the streets in Metz (Moselle) in several contentious situations involving motorists.

The video had such a reach that many negative comments and sometimes threats abounded with it on Twitter. Vélotaf Metz tries to answer as much as possible to defend its position.

Two contested situations and a red light

Marc, the cyclist behind the Vélotaf Metz account, returns to Lorraine news over the 55 seconds of the video. “It’s a collection of excerpts shot over a kilometer, a kilometer and a half maximum”, he introduces.

On the first situation: “There is a stop. The driver is forced to stop. She looks at what is on the right, she walks without looking nor see that cyclists can come from the left”, explains Marc. He assures that he has no give way in this place and[il] small[t] to move on”.

Before we got to the second situation, another passage raised the ire of many internet users: We see the cyclist run a red light. ” That M12 panel (a triangular way sign, which in particular allows cyclists to circulate while motorists keep quiet, editor’s note) gives me the opportunity to go straight, “defends Vélotaf Metz.

The M12 panel in this case allows cyclists to go straight on without stopping at a red light, but has the value of a right-of-way.
The M12 panel in this case allows cyclists to go straight on without stopping at a red light, but has the value of a right-of-way. (©Velotaf Metz)

Finally comes the second moment of the cyclist against a motorist: “A car faces a red light and it does not have its indicator. I regulate my speed so I don’t have to stop. When the light is green, the driver starts when I arrive in his wheel, his indicator comes way too late,” adds Marc.

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A planned complaint

Vélotaf Metz has a habit of publishing excerpts from its on-board camera to condemn certain behavior of motorists. But this time he was the target of many threats, sometimes death.

Some were of rare violence. Marc specifies that one of them wrote to him “And you will take a bastos between the two eyes and it will be well deserved, what do you think?”.

One of the death threats received by Vélotaf Metz.
One of the death threats received by Vélotaf Metz. (©Twitter screenshot)

With the many threatening tweets sent against him, Marc is considering filing a complaint. “I can start putting together a file with a clear head once I have it all together, although it can be time consuming,” he adds.

The analysis of a driving instructor

To check if Marc’s allegations were true, Lorraine news showed the video to Jean-François, a driving and road safety teacher at a driving school in Metz.

In the first situation, it is obvious: the driver does not stop at the stop sign at allits wheels are still moving,” he says.

Regarding the M12, Jean-François recalls a rule of caution: ” It’s about giving in and follow the directions indicated by the arrows on the panel. We must not go after it and think that we can pass without risk”.

On the other hand, the driving instructor in the last case is more measured: “The situation was very risky, and in the cyclist’s place I would not have gone there. We see that the driver’s wheel is already on the cycle path even before the turn is started. Be careful, I’m not saying that the cyclist is to blame: the driver puts his turn signal on too late, he should have put it on at a red light, and doesn’t even try to look at what’s around him, explains Jean-François.

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