up to 3 years in prison for burglary in the Dordogne

As the defendants entered the courtroom, it was hard to see the connection between this bright, good-natured young Englishman of 19, who found that “Nontron is a city of depressives”, and the 32-year-old Pole with a star-shaped tattoo on his neck and a creepy expression in the box. Still, they made one “homejacking” together. They are among the six defendants referred to the criminal court in Périgueux on Monday, September 26 for breaking into beautiful properties owned by the British in Périgord Vert a year and a half ago.

Back then the case makes a lot of noise.
A hundred gendarmes have been mobilized for the arrests between Dordogne and Charente. It must be said that one of the burglaries went wrong. This evening, 7 March 2021, the two men have just spent the evening together, they mixed cocaine, alcohol and hashish. The Pole has debts, he discovered a luxury car owned by a 63-year-old Briton living in Javerlhac-et-la-Chapelle-Sainte-Robert. He takes the young Englishman with him. The two young men rob the owner in his bed and demand the keys to his Aston Martin. But the six-year-old rebels, there is a fight, a shot goes off. The owner of the premises takes 10 pills in the chest, he is seriously injured.

Gang of burglars or friends dazed by cocaine?

The instruction is open at the start at “attempted murder” and “organized gang robbery”. Investigators identified a third man, a 38-year-old Kosovar living in a residential area in Angoulême. It was for him that the Aston Martin was apparently intended, as well as another car, a Chevrolet Corvette, which was stolen three weeks later during another burglary in La Chapelle-Montmoreau. In police custody, the 30-year-old presented himself as that “Director of Operations”. Now that he’s at the helm, the shaved colossus denies almost everything.

cars? He had lent his old Audi to the Pole, who never returned it to him, and who had the absurd idea of ​​bringing him stolen cars in exchange: “I never asked him”defending Kosovo. He hardly admits to selling the Corvette in a traveling camp. He would have got 1500 euros back. The judges don’t seem to believe it, but the other defendants do their best to clean up “brain” supposed to be from the band. The young Pole sits next to him in the box and is visibly afraid of him. “My client is definitely not a Good Samaritan”recognizes Kosovo’s lawyer, Me Armand Tanoh. “But he’s not a terrible gangster either. The truth is probably between the two of them”.

He shot with sunglasses in the middle of the night

Then this is one a gang of luxury car thieves, or a group of friends who are a little lost, dazed on cocaine? The case was already cleared at the end of the investigation, when the prosecution requested that the attackers not be referred for crimes of “attempted murder” and off “organized gang robbery”, but only for serious violence, burglary and concealment. Rifle shooting? The young Pole assures that he aimed at the ground to frighten the all-too-reckless owner. “When shooting, my client wears a mask and sunglasses to hide his face, in the middle of the night, in a poorly lit street”, assures Maud Sécheresse, the young Pole’s lawyer. The young man even fired two shots accidentally into the car before the break-in.

At the hearing, the lawyer for the Briton who was injured in the burglary, Me David Larrat, shrugs his shoulders in defiance. For him these are “nickel feet, freaks”. Not an organized gang. But his client still has post-traumatic stress from the assault.. The court decided to sentence the young Pole who shot to five years in prison, including three years in prison. Kosovo gets three years in prison, half of which is suspended for concealment. The young Englishman who took part in the burglary, twelve months’ imprisonment, five of which are suspended. For the other three defendants, who are charged with having participated in another burglary or with concealment, the sentences range from three months’ probation to six months’ imprisonment, fitted with an electronic bracelet.

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