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Ren C. AIR Republic. Blueness Cadzand. The untouched. Blueness Antwerp. So many names that awaken the passion for cooking and the choice of the best products. These restaurants, which gather Michelin stars and top marks in Gault&Millau, are the result of Sergio Herman’s passion and talent. He often finds his inspiration behind the wheel of his new Range Rover, traversing the roads of Zeeland and Flanders in search of the best.


“Zjælland, where I was born and where I grew up, is like an encyclopedia of the best products. Every day I am on the road to find these products, so I need to be able to rely on a reliable car. In order to be able to converse on the road with my partners, my business partners and my colleagues, but also to think about new dishes, I especially need peace. And this serenity, I find it in the comfort of my new Range Rover. When I travel with my children, we talk the whole way. I hope they will remember these beautiful discussions later. It’s a moment they cherish, as do I. And after a hard day’s work, I want to be able to come home in a pleasant way. In this car I feel the stress leave me. I like to compare my new Range Rover to a comfortable living room.”


In the restaurant as in the car, it must be possible to disconnect from everyday life. “Our role is also to allow our customers to take advantage of the time in our restaurant to forget their worries”, continues Sergio Herman. “A visit to the restaurant also creates a bond. Eating together is also living together.”

Sergio Herman is part of this new generation of managers who enjoy passing on their knowledge and sharing it with those who share the same passion for cooking on a daily basis. “When I notice that one of my collaborators has a special talent, I will do my best to help him develop and grow in the profession. And it all starts with respect. Respect for the partners we can count on, respect for the equipment we work with and respect for the customers who have made the effort to come to your company.

Persistence must drive talent. Without it we cannot do it. And when we talk about my perfectionism, I see it as a desire to always do better, every day. Respect, persistence and the willingness to take on challenges are the pillars that guide me in both my life and my work, and I hope to be able to pass them on to the talents that make up my teams.”

Range Rover Sergio Herman


“The excellent products of Zeeland, such as oysters, crayfish, clams, saladelle, glacwort and the wonderful cheeses, to name but a few, are unique and of unsurpassed quality. As they always have been. Farmers, fishermen and other producers have great faith in their products. They have invested in innovative techniques and equipment without turning their backs on tradition”, rejoices Sergio Herman, who appreciates this symbiosis between modernity and heritage more than anything else.

The resident of Knokke does not hesitate to draw a parallel between these craftsmen and Land Rover engineers: “This wide gap between tradition and innovation is also the main source of inspiration for the designers of the new Range Rover. This fifth generation Range Rover benefits from the latest technologies, while at the same time respecting the rich history of the model”.

The pursuit of perfection and modern luxury characterizes both Sergio Herman’s signature and the design language of the new Range Rover. Innovating with respect for tradition and heritage, with a permanent eye on the future, is something of an art.

Range Rover Sergio Herman

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