Near Clisson, this garage wants to restore the car’s image

Part of the garage team with Ludovic Jamet (centre, 2nd row). ©Cedric Le Dantec / Supernova Agency

The national organization Autoéco organizes every year environmental trophies. For 10 years he has emphasized car workshops that improves their practice with regard to Sustainable Development.

The company Pluchon was rewarded the beginning of September. She was the only one Loire Atlantic.

For once, we’re not talking about the car as something polluting or murderous.

Ludovic Jamet, manager of Pluchon car workshops

Slightly provocative Ludovic Jamet. Certainly the leader of the Pluchon car workshops, one of which is located at Saint-Lumine-de-Clisson and the other to Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine, will not go so far as to say that this form of transport is totally virtuousbut to professionals of Faculty redouble their efforts improve the situation.

“Because I don’t think society is ready to take over wagon with horses to move around and that we find enough farriers to replace our mechanics”, he alluded to during his speech at it Prices environmental trophies, which stood a stone’s throw from the opulent Large royal stables from Chantilly Castle (oise).

A manager was pleased that the policy introduced with regard to the environment, applied by 45 employees in its two locations, is rewarded. “Especially since in the list of 14 winners we are almost the only independents (ed. the others belonging to groups or concessions)”, notes the one who took over the business in 2015.

Among more than 54,000 garages

If some professional distinction is overused, this has nothing discount. First, because it is attributed by one outer body Autoéco, an IT traceability platform that relies on National Council of Automotive Professions (today called Mobilians).

Then, because it compiles and analyzes data from collection and off Recycling of waste over 54,500 establishments on a national level. “At first we didn’t apply. Autoeco goes through recycling organisations. By observing the material, ie be recycled compared to ours purchasehe sees part of our workexplains Ludovic Jamet. If we buy 4000 tires and that we give so much back; it is not the same as a garage recycle only half. Same for batteriesI’motor oil… »

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A first indication, which is complemented by other criteria, such as having the autoecoclean label at the silver level (the Luminais workshop has gold for its actions carried out for 5 years). Then comes quiz must be carried out for the last 500 still in progress to decide between them, where the workshops can register the carried out measures regarding Sustainable Development.

Daily actions

And in this area, the Pluchon garage has not spared: “We were reminded that we had used it100% LED lighting (30,000 euros in investment anyway) that we have created one 300m2 platform for damaged vehicles or out of order, allowing collect rainwater that has been contaminated by their passage here (50,000 euros) that we have created one shelter from tiresthat we acquired one 5 gas analyzer machine which controls carbon monoxide emission levels carbonunburned hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, of carbon dioxide and oxygen as well as fine particles to pollute less; or that we are authorized to install bioethanol box the best economic-ecological relationship”informs the manager.

Even if we are only talking about electric cars today – we are not against that, we have two charging points for our customers – we must not throw the entire current fleet in the bin, and keep it in the best possible condition. .

Ludovic Jamet, manager

Don’t forget to also mention the effort in the offices, in particular digitization of files hide paper.

Garage Pluchon was therefore nominated last year award recipient This year. Like 13 other companies. He is the only one Loire Atlantic when they were about one hundred to meet the criteriapp. Which raises the distinction even more.

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