What if Vilebrequin’s ugliest car in the world became faster than a Bugatti?

News hardware What if Vilebrequin’s ugliest car in the world became faster than a Bugatti?

Hard to agree more about the ugliest car in the world. Fiat’s Multipla is probably one of the worst visual creations in the automotive world. Except if we turn it into a race car with more than 1000 horsepower, what does it give?

The first start of the 1000tipla at the Mondial de l’Auto

Unveiled to the public at the Paris Motor Show on October 17, a privileged few had the opportunity to hear the monster roar. The 1000 horsepower Multipla could thus be started and developed all the same 129 decibels. This is an airplane that takes off with full thrust. At that moment the whole Hall of the Salon turned around.

1000tipla an incredible version of the worst car

The two Youtubers Pierre and Sylvain from
crankshaft chain

we had the wonderful idea of transform a Multipla into a real racing car. The genesis of the idea stems from an incredible publicity stunt by Renault in 1994 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Espace model. As a result, at the Paris Motor Show this year, the public was able to discover Renault Espace F1. A family car with a real Formula 1 engine. In 2022, with the legendary Multipla, Vilebrequin intends to do as well, or even better.

What if Vilebrequin's ugliest car in the world became faster than a Bugatti?

The joke was too good not to be realized. This 1000tipla is not here to prove anything. His goal is to share a piece of the car and make it an unusual tribute. Unlike the Espace F1, Vilebrequin’s Multipla can be started by one person and does not require an entire technical team. Full of comfort, it has Apple Carplay.

More than 1 million euros for the fastest Multipla in the world

Such a project is inevitably expensive. To achieve this, the two Youtubers opened a participatory kitty, which succeeded raise €1,096,111. An amount which is obviously not what Vilebrequin got in his pocket to complete the project. Between all the expenses, they estimate a remainder of 32% or approx €350,000. A nice sum, which, however, does not seem to be sufficient for such a project.

They have thus teamed up with a tuner, W-AutoSport, to produce the 1000tipla. But to achieve such power, the engine must of course be changed. As a result, adding that much power also requires replacing the chassis. For this they dug a 650 horsepower Corvette C7 Z06. Once stripped, only the engine and chassis remain. From there, the stock body is removed from the Multipla to be mounted on the corvette.

What if Vilebrequin's ugliest car in the world became faster than a Bugatti?

Once the body is fitted, a kit is added to give it a sportier look. For this, Sylvain and Pierre called on the king of tuning in Japan, the creator Kei Miura. The last step is then all the engine preparation. The 6.2L V8 should go from 650 to more than 1,000 horsepower. For this, it would have been necessary to change the crankshaft, injectors, supercharger, etc. In the end, it is a car that does not have a lot of Multipla and a lot of Corvette at the same time.

Now the last step is to see him ride. This will be the case in a future video, knowing that when they arrived at the Paris Motor Show, the 1000tipla was already rolled. All that remains is to put it on the test bench to find out how many horsepower it develops. Then there will be the “Merguez Tuning Show”, which will be the official presentation as well as the first public drive.

We also met Jean Todt, former co-driver then director of the Ferrari Formula 1 team during the Schumacher years, at the Multipla stand. The possibility to draw a parallel between this car is a potential race on a Formula 1 track. The problem is that, with a sound level of 129 decibels, it cannot run on the circuit in France. But Pierre and Sylvain do not rule out being able to organize an event at the Bugatti Circuit, Le Mans 24 Hours. “For us, yes, but it’s not in our hands” Sylvain answered us. The recent GP Explorer at the same circuit may have opened the door a little more between the very closed world of the car and that of the internet.

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