Turo wants to boost new shared uses of the car in Europe

Posted September 26, 2022, at 07.00Updated October 4, 2022 at 10.18

“We are actively participating in the shift in car use, which is moving from the ownership model to a sharing model, where the car is now considered a service, especially by the younger generations”, states Benoît Sineau, CEO of OuiCar.

It is in this logic that the American Turo bought its French counterpart OuiCar last June to increase car sharing between individuals in Europe. “We have the same strategic and cultural adaptation and the same approach to new joint uses of the car. OuiCar will serve as a first step for Turo in its development on the old continent”, emphasizes the manager.

Car sharing between individuals

Currently, OuiCar is already making every effort to increase the supply of vehicle owners and the number of users of its peer-to-peer car rental service. The French operator, which already offers 30,000 cars on its reservation platform to 2.6 million users, wants to expand its car offer to the entire national territory. The goal is to have cars for sharing everywhere in France, especially in places where traditional car rental does not exist. OuiCar is convinced that the offer will drive user demand.

Especially since the car sharing model between individuals changes configuration. “Until now, users have rented private cars for a few days’ holiday or for a weekend. From now on, they want to take advantage of the OuiCar service to get around on a daily basis, a trend favored by the increase in remote work, which pushes employees to share their vehicle more and more”, explains Benoît Sineau.

Simplify support

Responding to the proliferation of daily car rentals between individuals, OuiCar facilitates and accelerates vehicle pickup and return. It offers features on its mobile application to users (location and images of the vehicle, mileage, driver’s license, etc.) that simplify the collection and return of the car.

“Thanks to these features, you can rent a car at the bottom of your home with a single click and pick it up in a minute and a half,” he sums up. Even better, if the owner of the car is not available to take stock of the situation, OuiCar allows users to open or close the vehicle using their smartphone. “Our OuiCar Connect service consists of placing a specific box in the cars that communicates with our mobile application, allowing the user to be independent in picking up and returning the vehicle”, specifies Benoît Sineau.

It is by facilitating car sharing between individuals that Turo wants to encourage more and more young Europeans to take its peer-to-peer car rental service. “Born with the Internet and the smartphone, young people under 30 are massively sticking to this new use, viewing the car as a travel service,” the executive said. Especially since car rental between individuals is within reach of their wallet. It is two to five times cheaper than traditional rent.

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