The business school: 5 inspiring paths that will surprise you

Digital revolution, pandemic, climate change… business schools are adapting to educate students aware of tomorrow’s challenges, able to reinvent themselves throughout their careers.

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Thus, ESC Clermont Business School offers, from the Master, an à la carte course that allows everyone to express their potential by multiplying experiences and exploring what gives meaning to their lives. Proof by example with 5 profiles of young graduates with fantastic and inspiring career paths.

Mélissa Alauze: with her master’s degree at the business school and her doctorate at the Polytechnique, she intends to transform companies with design and innovation.

Mélissa entered the ESC Clermont BS via the Passerelle competition without a specific job project. The student takes advantage of the many career opportunities offered by the school to go on Erasmus for six months in England and then take a sabbatical in Paris in an innovation agency. “It was there that I discovered the humanities and social sciences as well as design. I then returned to Clermont-Ferrand to do my final year of the Masters in Innovations and Entrepreneurship, which I did on a work study program in the innovation department of Société Générale”. After her master’s degree, she did a doctorate at the École Polytechnique, where she joined the CRG (Center for Research in Management), a laboratory specializing in innovation management. She is working on a thesis on the continuous process of design integration within a large retail giant. While maintaining her status as a researcher, Mélissa has just signed a contract with a Parisian innovation agency to develop innovation strategies, her favorite field since leaving ESC Clermont BS.

Alex Tarditi: passionate about Asia and driven by a taste for travel, today he thrives in the prestigious world of exceptional wines

After a DUT GEA completed in Clermont-Ferrand, Alex joined the Master Grande Ecole at ESC Clermont Business School in 2013. “I chose this school because it was the only one that offered the opportunity to study abroad. after only one year in Clermont-Ferrand. And I was also very interested in the course program of the Master Grande École, very complete, with a fairly broad vision for business and practical trip, with case studies, companies that come on site to discuss with students”. During his studies he studied for two semesters in China, and then during his sabbatical in Shanghai worked in the Castel group, number 1 in wine in Europe. He then began a double master’s degree in International Business “Doing business in Asia” at ESC Clermont Business School for a year in South Korea. He is now export manager at Vranken-Pommery Monopole, number 2 in champagne in the world, with responsibility for Asia and the Middle East.

Marine Michelet, in the midst of the Covid crisis, she left her position in New York to cross the United States and launch two activities that are particularly close to her heart

Marine joined ESC Clermont BS in 2012 after her matriculation to pursue the bachelor’s degree in International Management. “I chose this school because of its family atmosphere, for its bachelor’s degree, which at the time was the best in France, and for the opportunity offered to spend the last year abroad at a partner school. I spent this third year in Colombia, obtaining a French and Colombian double degree oriented towards international management”. New York, Asia, Canada… The young woman has a number of professional experiences in the four corners of the world before starting her own life coaching to help professionals give more meaning to their careers. Crossing the US on a school bus with her friend, she co-founded the company @Ads for change, a digital agency for companies and associations with a positive impact. “We support them in raising awareness of their causes, obtaining more donations, recruiting volunteers, through social media campaigns and through Google Ads and Google Ad Grants. The latter allows to obtain $10,000 of free ads per month and for life. It is a program unknown to associations that do not benefit from it”. Now based in Mexico, Marine admits that she owes the openness that characterizes her to ESC Clermont Business School. “When you leave high school, you don’t necessarily know what you want with his life. ESC Clermont BS opened up the field of opportunities for me and provided me with a number of useful soft skills throughout my professional life, such as teamwork and openness to others”.

Clément Monnet: after Airbus in Beijing and Silicon Valley, he changes course and is now launching French film Netflix in the US.

A 2011 Master’s graduate from ESC Clermont Business School, Clément took advantage of a gap year to do an internship at Airbus in Amiens. “Then the desire to work with technical subjects with engineers came to me. After my diploma, I went to Airbus in Singapore, then to Beijing, where I held the position of Chief of Staff to the CEO of Airbus Helicopters China”. In 2015, we went to Silicon Valley to once again create for Airbus the Uber for helicopters, which allows you to book a helicopter with a few clicks. COVID puts an end to this adventure. Far from giving up, Clément then got the idea to create a French film streaming platform that offers great classics and recent cinema. “While France is the second largest exporter of films in the world, Francophones and Francophiles cannot find French films online. Cinessance was released in mid-November in the US and Canada, and so far it’s doing quite well.” This taste for challenge is owed to the 33-year-old ESC Clermont Business School. “In addition to the knowledge base delivered in three years and highly competent teachers, ESC Clermont BS is a warm school that teaches how to stay humble while dreaming big. I also appreciated the proximity to the engineers thanks to the dual degrees. They brought a new perspective to our problems and forced us to be open”.

Jessica Pommier: After an amazing experience at The Walt Disney Company, she travels the world solo and manages to turn her passion for travel into her job

During her master’s degree at ESC Clermont BS, Jessica spent a semester in Indonesia and completed internships at, the youth department of TF1 and The Walt Disney Company France, who employed her on a permanent contract. Three years later, she left her CDI to travel solo around the world with one goal: to offer a travel and culture program for children on youth television channels when she returned. The blog “My little bits of the world” was born. Once back in France, no channel is interested in her project, but she continues her videos on her blog for her community of children and parents. “Very quickly, destinations or brands in the travel sector approached me to talk about them on social networks and on my blog. That’s how I discovered the profession of travel blogger!” Since 2017, she has made an 80% living from this activity, while also offering her services as a digital and influencer marketing consultant and teacher to tourism professionals and business school students. She also presents for ESC Clermont Business School the web series “Go see elsewhere if I study”, which describes the life of students abroad. “I present a student from the school who has gone abroad, shows his daily life, how he found accommodation, etc. It is instructive and reassuring both for future mobility students and their parents, who will see exactly where they are going”.

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