The BBAs (bachelor in business economics), a bac+4 education with an international focus

For students who wish to pursue an international education, the BBAs (Bachelor of Business Administration) offer a four-year course in the world of business and management. These courses are offered at major business schools and are formatted according to an international model that is very popular in Anglo-Saxon countries in particular.

It is not easy to choose where to turn when the traditional period of wishes after matriculation arrives. And it is all the more difficult when the desire to see other cultures presses on. If you choose a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), you will be able to benefit from an education at an internationally oriented business school with courses exclusively in English and a stay or internship abroad.

BBA, a degree at bac+4 level

The BBAs are four-year courses that deliver a bac+4 level diploma and most of the time benefit from a visa or license degree. Still unknown in France and in a good part of Europe, these formations are very common elsewhere, e.g. in Great Britain. In France, several business schools – ESSEC, SKEMA, emlyon, Neoma, Kedge, etc. – have chosen to develop them to offer courses that comply with international standards.

EM Normandie has also chosen to launch a new BBA at the start of the 2022 academic year at its Paris campus. For the school, this program especially meets the students’ need to go abroad very quickly. “It is not always easy to say to yourself that you are going abroad directly after matriculation, with a BBA the choice is undoubtedly more obvious.“, confirms Pascal Krupka, its program director. For 10,000 euros per year (the average price of a BBA), the students will be led to study management, economics, marketing or to develop their critical thinking.

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Internships and studies abroad characterize the BBA programme

This EM Normandie BBA will first be given for two years in Paris, then students will be able to go to other universities, to Oxford (Great Britain) in the third year – where the school has a campus – but also in Dubai (United Arab Emirates ) during the first semester of the fourth year. “It is a professional education : when they finish, the students are ready to enter the labor market, in France or elsewhere”, adds Pascal Krupka.

The selection to join this BBA will be done on file with an interview in English. An unusual choice, since many vocational schools have chosen to join together in the joint SESAME competition, before receiving qualified candidates for individual interviews. This is especially the case with the South Champagne BS (SCBS), in Troyes, where Wassim studies. A choice he does not regret today.

We will study all the axes of a company, explains the third-year BBA student. If you later become a director of a company, you will be able to follow all the work of your collaborators more easily.” At SCBS, these students who choose where they want to do their internship and education abroad. In the second half, Wassim chose to fly to South Korea, for example.

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BBA, a course exclusively in English

In her fourth year of the global BBA at Neoma BS in Rouen, Marie returns from a year in Lithuania. A period she loved, like the one taking place in France. “We do a lot of theory, but above all a lot of practice, it teaches us to be independent when we go abroad.”

The entire BBA course is taught in English to immerse students directly in an international climate. Or else, following a common core to understand all aspects of the business, these courses offer many specializations always in a logic of professionalization.

For his part, Lanzo is finishing his first year at BBA in Kedge Marseille. He chose this education after being seduced by the “international experience” on offer. If he doesn’t yet know which field to turn to when he leaves school, he is aware that there are many options: entrepreneurship, events, finance, marketing… All that remains is to choose, thanks to a suitcase full of experience!

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BBA, an atypical but recognized bachelor’s degree

The BBA is an atypical education in the French and European landscape sincet gives a bac+4 level diploma, between license level (bac +3) and master level (bac +5). In terms of academic recognition, many BBAs hold a licensing visa from the Ministry of Higher Education and have been eligible for a licensing degree since 2021.

This recognition is one of the guarantees of quality, knowing that many BBAs are also registered in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification), a recognition from the Ministry of Labor, which certifies skills, qualifications and knowledge of the education necessary for the practice of a profession or an activity relating to a professional area.

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