The advantages of choosing an electric car

The advantages of choosing an electric car

Individuals and professionals who want to change vehicles have the choice between several proposals on the market. If gasoline or diesel cars are recognized for their performance, they pollute the environment in addition to being more expensive in fuel. Buying a 100% electric car is therefore a possible solution to reduce fuel costs and at the same time do something for the planet.

Charge your electric car with ease

Electric cars are generally powered by a battery, the autonomy of which varies between 100 and 500 kilometers. To drive in complete peace of mind without interruptions, simply recharge your car:

  • in a public parking lot,
  • at a rest stop on the motorway,
  • in a shopping mall,
  • at a dealer that offers this service.

Today, there are as many electric charging stations as there are petrol stations. These supply networks use the latest generation of equipment, allowing you to have a charged battery on average 30 minutes to an hour.

Despite the many charging points, we advise you to contact a charging station installer for an electric car, regardless of which model you have. This solution allows you to supply your battery at home, especially thanks to a cable and a set of technological equipment.

The experts analyze the type of vehicle, the battery life, the limitations associated with the configuration of your home and your specific needs. They then start your charging station in accordance with the applicable quality and safety standards. The installer can also intervene periodically, based ona maintenance contractto ensure the maintenance of your equipment.

The advantages of choosing an electric car

The advantages of choosing an electric car

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Electric cars have one low environmental impact compared to thermal cars (petrol or diesel). In fact, they do not emit chemical pollutants or carbon dioxide (CO2), which makes it possible to limit the emission of greenhouse gases, improve air quality and slow down climate change.

In addition to slowing global warming, electric cars contribute to preserving human health. In fact, they give off when they drive fewer fine particles than cars that run on petrol, diesel or diesel. In addition, significant progress is being made to make electric batteries more environmentally responsible. They are now approximately 95% recyclable.

Note that with electric vehicles, fires from the hood (smoke leaks, sparks, etc.) are significantly reduced. According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), electric cars cause fewer fires than those with a combustion engine.

Furthermore, due to their ecological properties, electric cars can circulate freely in low emission zones (ZFE). With the climate act adopted in 2021, this type of car will also be required from 1 January 2025 in urban areas with more than 150,000 inhabitants.

Enjoy the silence thanks to the electric car

The electric car does not emit almost no noise in functional condition. It does not have a conventional gearbox etc clutch, eliminates the auditory awareness you have to pay attention to engine speed before changing gears. With this type of vehicle, driving is not only comfortable, but noise pollution is also reduced. The absence of noise in the car is thus conducive to concentration, discussions and listening to the radio or music.

However, we advise you to be careful when driving at low speed (below 35 km/h). In fact, you risk it because of the low noise level while driving surprise a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Electric car: an economical form of transport

Using an electric car allows you to achieve significant savings. It is actually significantly cheaper to recharge a battery than to supply petrol or diesel.

Some studies have shown that traveling 100 kilometers in a thermal vehicle costs an average of 10 euros compared to approx. €2.20 with an electric car. The more kilometers you achieve during a year, the greater your financial gain will be.

We advise you to avoid recharging your battery at charging points, as they sometimes charge unfavorable prices. Install a terminal instead home to save money in the long term.

The electric car requires very little maintenance

Choosing an electric car makes it possible to significantly limit frequent visits to the garage. In fact, the maintenance costs are approx 75% cheaper than in a thermomobile. Because of the electric motor, you do not need to drain the engine. No discs or pads are stressed during braking or stopping, which extends the life of your brakes.

In addition, the electric car does not include a filter, an exhaust pipe or a timing belt. You therefore do not have to incur costs to replace these parts, which wear out quite quickly. The only change that can be expected is that of battery which nevertheless have an average lifespan of 5 to 8 years.

Get help buying your electric car

The government has introduced several aids to increase the sale of electric cars in order to encourage the population to buy them. Among these devices are organic bonusthe conversion bonus and the microcredit for clean cars.

The organic bonus

The ecological bonus is an aid that allows all French people to buy or rent an electric vehicle. This bonus is direct minus the car’s purchase price. It can also be repaid after the acquisition, provided that the request is made to the public.

Note that the amount to be awarded is determined according to the purchase price of the car and your profile (individual or professional). As an indication, the organic bonus is limited to €6,000 for vehicles under 47,000 euros whose CO2 rejection percentage is 0 g/km. It is limited to 2,000 euros for vehicles costing between 47,000 euros and 60,000 euros. To benefit from this support, you must reside in France, be of legal age and have a new electric vehicle registered in a definitive series.

The conversion bonus

The conversion bonus allows you to buy a new or used electric car in exchange for your old thermal vehicle. The amount of this bonus reaches up to €5,000 and can be combined with the organic bonus. In addition, you get an additional premium of a maximum of 1000 euros when you live in a low-emission zone (ZFE).

Furthermore, to be eligible for the conversion bonus, you must an electrical retrofit. The operation consists of replacing your internal combustion engine with an electric engine.

Microcredit for clean vehicles

Clean vehicles are those that produce little or no polluting gases during use. To help low-income households buy it, the state has created microcredit for clean cars. This device is particularly aimed at people in a fragile professional situation or excluded from the traditional banking system, but who want to acquire a low-emission car on a long-term lease (LLD) or with an option to buy (LOA).

able to reach the 5,000 euros, the amount of microcredits for cleaner vehicles is calculated according to your income. It can be combined with the conversion bonus and the organic bonus. To make a request, contact the social support service in your region.

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