Stéphane Roussy, coach of CS Feytiat and his daughter Sarah, basketball player at ASPTT Limoges, tell each other

In the galaxy of sport in Upper Vienne, Roussy is a surname that speaks volumes. There is of course Stéphane (age 51), former footballer for Saint-Louis de Gonzague, ASPTT Limoges and Limoges Foot, and today coach for Feytiat (he also coached LF, Lubersac, Nieul and Rilhac-Rancon), a key figure in the Limousins ​​​​soccer landscape. And there is Sarah (20 years old), basketball player past Feytiat and Landouge, who tasted the National 3 with ASPTT Limoges, her current club.
For the Roussy, sport is a family affair. Stéphane’s wife and Sarah’s mother practiced swimming at a good level, while Benjamin (read elsewhere), the eldest son, had chosen the same path as his father with the key to an experience in N3 with Feytiat, in 2017-2018.

“I am not only proud of my daughter as an athlete. I am also proud of the young woman she has become in general”

Stéphane Roussy

This hyphen has always characterized family life. “I followed my dad on the edge of the pitch from a very young age,” Sarah says. I didn’t see him that often in the evening, but I didn’t feel his absence badly. He was present during the day. Logically, sport is a topic that has very often fueled conversations during meals. “We talked about it very often,” confirms Stéphane’s daughter. On the other hand, when my father lost, he sulked and didn’t say a word at home. The youngest didn’t follow his father’s path by turning to the orange ball at age 7, after trying athletics, horse riding and also… soccer. “A classmate offered me to train at Val BC and I liked it. It was clearly more my thing than football. »
“It didn’t bother me that Sarah played a different sport than mine,” explains Stéphane. It’s even fun to go see her play when I can. And then, in my teenage years, I went to see CSP in Beaublanc. Basketball is a sport that has always interested me. »
The CS Feytiat coach accompanies Sarah’s progress and instills in her the idea of ​​competition. “My father always gave me advice,” says the young basketball player. When he comes to watch me play, he gives me a debrief about my match. If I have not been good, he tells me that he is very objective about my performance. That it comes from him is easier to accept. “” We are tougher and more demanding with our children than with our own players, Stéphane acknowledges. When my kids play a sport, I try to train them to do something consistently. »

“I recognize myself in her”

But beyond the sport and all that it can represent within the family unit, it is a father-daughter relationship steeped in tenderness and admiration that shines through. Complicit glances and smiles appear when it comes to putting words to each other. “I am proud of what my father has achieved. He played against PSG (in the Coupe de France in 2000 with LF) and it stayed in many people’s minds. In STAPS I was first seen as the daughter of the coach of Feytiat”, confides the student who has completed his STAPS license and who wants to become a school teacher.
With twinkling eyes, Stéphane agrees: “I’m not only proud of my daughter as an athlete, I’m also proud of the young woman she’s become, she’s respectful, caring, she’s always ‘smiled’ (smile). On the field she has the same qualities as me: fast and tough. I recognize myself in her. A beautiful memorial speech from a father who is not a little proud.

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Best memories
Stéphane about his daughter: “The regional final contested in Beaublanc by Sarah with LABC in the U15. It was against Feytiat and there were a lot of people. In the end she wins and finishes as the game’s top scorer with 22 points. I was very proud of her that she achieved this performance on a legendary parquet floor. » Sarah about her father: “I remember the emergence of CS Feytiat in National 3 in 2017. It was a great pride to see my father achieve this accession. It was something big and everyone told me about it afterwards. »

Reginald Marie

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