SeLoger launches into the metaverse to offer virtual real estate tours

Visiting a property you want to buy through a virtual tour is already an existing practice. But the French company SeLoger is revisiting the fashionable Web3 concept. It has just announced a partnership with OnCyber ​​to offer an initial series of visits.

SeLoger launches into the metaverse

Announced yesterday, this marks the new initiative a major French estate agent’s foray into the metaverse. SeLoger’s virtual tours are offered as part of private sales of new programs. Interested parties will be able to visit the properties and discuss with a real estate agent to obtain information about them.

It relies on the OnCyber ​​platformwho describes himself as ” a multiverse for creators“. It allows creators to display their non-fungible tokens in digital spaces and is built on Ethereum (ETH).

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Virginie Boudet, Vice-President Brand & Communication for SeLoger, explains that it is a matter of connecting tangible reality and innovative technologies:

Our suggestion, it’s the meeting of two worlds! It is exciting to see how the metaverse, this ever-new, virtual and fictional universe, can illuminate our concrete and daily reality. Visiting real estate in the metaverse in an interactive and immersive way allows us to better project ourselves into our daily lives. »

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New initiatives on the way?

To promote accessibility for neophytes, visits are available without registration or prior knowledge of the metaverse. SeLoger has no intention of stopping there either.. Fabien Teichner, founder and creative director of communications agency SeLoger, Interruption, describes some possible projects:

The inauguration of this new experience at Oncyber, whose specialty is creating customized places for the NFT exhibition, opens us to other ideas for the future. Why not collaborate with artists and organize private tours of both real estate and art exhibitions? This is truly the magic of the metaverse, there is still much to imagine!»

In any case, this initiative responds to a concrete need – to project oneself in a remote place without having to move. It could therefore be imitated by other French estate agents.

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Source: SeLoger, press release

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