IT for Business – Le Magazine No. 2274, July-August 2022

Contents of IT for Business 2274 > Dossier: Exploring the potential of the metaverse / Survey: IS architects in the age of the cloud / Interview: Frédéric Gimenez, CDO of TotalEnergies / Portrait: Chadi Mraghni, CIO of O2 Care Services / Analysis: French cloud…

It is summer. The opportunity for CIOs to finally take a few vacations (this also applies to the editorial staff) and use these to explore topics that are slightly sidelined by the pressing needs of everyday life. Starting with “THE” innovation topic of the year and marketing of the moment: ” Metaverse » or more precisely the metaverses because they will be plural. Hundreds of players try to explore their potential and face the various challenges that come with them. File of the month explores the different facets, the first use cases and the challenges that metaverses generate at the IT department level.

The metaverse is certainly one of the technologies being explored by guest of the month. Frederic GimenezThe CDO of TotalEnergies and CEO of its Digital Factory, talks to us about his freedom to innovate, his interactions with the IT department, but also his value creation goals.

survey of the month is interested in a topic that is more rooted in the current issues for CIOs. She discusses the topic the transformation of the profession of information systems architect : Those who might have been considered threatened by the massive use of the cloud are increasingly sought after to lead the hybridization of IS, with skills that are often softer than hard.

Every edition of IT for Business is an opportunity to learn from feedback other CIOs and other companies. Thus, this month you will find testimonies of Johnson & Johnson (digitalization of a factory), Alstom (security for access to IS), Groupama (modernization of the warehouse infrastructure), orange (verification of financial processes), Stone houses (CRM) and GE Renewable Energy (calculation of sales bonuses).

And to return to innovation, discover ours too startups of the month : Anonymize/ (end-to-end secure data sharing), Private discussion (team messages) and Octolis (customer data platform).

Find the full overview of #2274 from the magazine IT FOR BUSINESSdated July-August 2022. See you in September…


“I take advantage of an opportunity: to be able to experiment! »
Interview with Frederic GimenezCDO of Total energy and managing director of DigitalFactory by TotalEnergies


Exploring the potential of the metaverse

– Of business models very real
– A new string for the bow Cooperation
– What interface to immerse yourself in the metaverse?
– Of development tools from the gaming world and 3D
– Of infrastructure not ready yet
– The search – impossible? – of one single metaverse


Information system architects in the cloud era


Chadi Mraghni, CIO of O2 Care Services
“It is rarely the technology that is the problem”


Johnson & Johnson urges Schneider Electric to boost digitization of a factory
Alstom secured access to your IS with Zscaler
Groupama strengthens its infrastructure storage
orange dissects its financial and procurement processes with Celonis
Stone houses makes Microsoft Dynamics cellar of his IS
GE Renewable Energy automates its bonus calculations with Exactly


French cloud : you will (just) be off the mark
– Get shine digital women
– That hello from atos can he come from his ward?


The green IT education offer is gaining momentum


The smart contract, an alliance of law and technology


100 unicorns, and me and me and me


– Which strategy to follow in the light of deep technology ?
– That technology shall she solve all our problems ?


Anonymize ( encrypts data sharing end to end
Private discussion cares about safety and welfare
– Octolis revisits the turnkey CDP codes


Microchips and stem cells are combined for the medicine of the future

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