IT for Business – Le Magazine No. 2268, January 2022

Contents > File: Collaboration in the age of hybrid work / Survey: software quality, the quest for the holy grail / Interview: Jean-Séverin Lair, CIO of INSEE / Portrait: Florence Devambez, CIO of Albingia / Analysis: Increase in electricity: what consequences in IT departments? …

The year 2022 opens with a reality: in two years, work has changed profoundly. It has become flexible and hybrid. Maybe not in all places… But all recent studies show that all employees and even more generation Z strive for this evolution of work, which gives more freedom in the hours or days of work and remote work… HR needs to review their policies , companies rethink the organization, CIOs provide the tools for a reinvented Digital Workplace for Hybrid Work.

It is therefore not surprising to see IT for Business dedicate its first matter from the year 2022 to business cooperation while the latter has experienced a lull in its usual practice for nearly two years. In work environments that have become hybrid, what formulas should be adopted to facilitate exchanges between dispersed employees, to make collaboration more fluid and to consolidate a “digital workplace” that attracts more than it repels? As our file shows, the solutions have followed the evolution of practices and applications, even forging methods to erase the distance between employees and their company and install a “virtual” proximity.

Collaboration is a long-sought holy grail that finally seems to be taking shape with the evolution of tools, applications, and mentalities. But the first study of the year is linked to a completely different grail: software quality. How to improve software quality? How to adapt the tests to the time of the CI-CD chains? Can the goal of “100% reliable” be achieved? IT for Business conducted the survey…

We often mention in our columns the value of the data. And who better than INSEE to talk about it? This first issue of the year is an opportunity to get the word out Jean-Severin Lair, CIO of INSEE, an institute that naturally uses a lot of IT and data. And to make the data speak, he reveals his secret to us: placing the data as close as possible to the companies.

Our first portrait of the year 2022 is that of a DSI… That of Albingia, a specialist in the corporate insurance sector. Florence Devambez shares with us his journey and these current warhorses.

Every new year blows a wind of renewal and dynamism. Startups are logically in the spotlight in this issue. The opportunity to discover the innovations of MiTrust (Protection of personal data), nanocode (crisis management), Nabu (handling logistics documents) and France Verif (analysis of website reliability).

Finally, what would IT For Business be without its feedback? This issue 2268 presents usage situations of Gorria’s Mercedes-Benz (outsourcing of the infrastructure), by the group Lhotels (sectoral ERP), from Beauval Zoo (hyperconvergence), Kiabi (identity management) andAgirc-Arrco (modernization of IS).

Welcome to the in-depth overview of IT for Business #2268…


“At INSEE, a free and flexible relationship between business areas and IT”
Interview with Jean-Severin LairCIO iRealize


Collaboration in the age of hybrid work

– Technological effervescence, but practices that need to be transformed
– That video conference join conversations
– That visual management orchestrate Cooperation at a distance
– That digital workplacethe communication and collaboration centre
– Of virtual spaces for the better Cooperation


Software quality, the hunt for the holy grail


Florence Devambez, CIO of Albingia
“Working with IS architecture paves the way for an easier future”


Gorria’s Mercedes-Benz outsources to make your IT more reliable
The Lhotellier Group emphasizes its operations with a specialized ERP
– That Beauval Zoo Liked that if to hyperconvergence
Kiabi dresses up the management of his identities
Agirc-Arrco bet on DSN for his new services


Increase in electricity : consequences can be expected in CIOs !
The lessons learning from vulnerability Log4Shell…


Data scientists in search of meaning


How to prevent Shadow IT risks


AI to the rescue of regional economic sovereignty


– No steering Effective digital consumption without adapting Depot IT department costs
– The number of companies that have reached data maturity quadrupled since 2015


MiTrust secure sharing of personal data
nanocode helps companies manage the unexpected
Nabu automates the processing of import-export documents
France Verif dig them out fraud of the network


Air lines under close supervision

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