In 2022, what fantasies for the car of today and tomorrow?

From our envoy to the Paris Motor Show,

“I love the car, I love the car (…) The car is freedom and all those who condemn it should remember what the Soviet Union was (…) The car is freedom. is France (…) it is our culture. On 2 December 2019 – already – Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire spoke in these terms at the Automotive Industry Day. Words – especially the opposition with a USSR fallen since 1991, remember – which could seem anachronistic. Barely three years later, the Paris Motor Show opened the doors to visitors for the week. In the midst of an ecological and economic crisis. And, more cyclically, in the midst of a quasi-national gasoline shortage.

To see the current world, the car is still a dream, thanks for that. But what fantasies does it refer to today? With as much excitement as for Benzema’s Ballon d’Or, the word “freedom” reigns supreme, returning almost systematically to the mouths of enthusiasts on site, manufacturers and visitors alike. Especially since the last few months have not been the easiest in this regard. Lyrical escape from the side of Damien, 35, Redbull jacket on his back and heart dedicated to Max Verstappen: “Man is made to explore, discover, move. Freedom of movement is one of the foundations of our civilizations, which we have been deprived of for two years of confinement and curfew. It is the train, the bus or the metro, but it goes from point A to point B. The car is an infinite number of points”.

Mobility for all, or for some?

We still defend a freedom that must be available to everyone. “The car is used in the imagination. And the more we evolve, the more specific each use becomes. Little by little we will move towards the end of the car as property, to always more different uses. Cars available to everyone, for every moment and every need”, is how we imagine at Cosmobilis. On the side of Aixam, number 1 in the car without a driving license, the idea is that everyone can drive, even those without the famous pink paper: “Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the car offers mobility. People need to see their loved ones, you can’t fight that. The car is the people at hand. »

However, some visitors have chosen to give up their precious four wheels. Against the flow of manufacturers, Sophia, 27, imagines that the car will become scarce: “The car was important to my father. For me it was the expense and the ecological guilt.” At the Alpine stand, she admires the A110 R, designed in 32 copies, for 148,000 euros the baby anyway: “This may be the world of tomorrow: the car as a luxury item, an unattainable dream for ordinary mortals. We all know that in the future not everyone will fly. Probably not the car anymore”.

Electric or nothing

Because the famous “end to abundance”, announced by Emmanuel Macron, has taken up residence in the corridors of the show. For the thermal, of course: The stands almost unanimously offer electric models, when it is not a question of the entire range presented. And that’s good, that’s what attracts the most. “You would see my grandfather’s car, you would understand that the sector is full of innovation considering the change in fifty years, Camille notes with a smile, with her Ferrari cap firmly screwed on her head full of hope. For me, the car is: solutions. Faced with the distance, faced with the price of the train… The car will respond to ecological problems: it will soon be non-polluting. »

“It will change the feeling on the road. Drivers will especially discover silence, “assessments on the side of Renault. As for the freedom appreciated above, it will also have to adapt. Or at least plan, according to the manufacturer: ” The days when we left Paris one night to go to the beach in the south on a whim are over. From now on, with the need for charging stations, a trip will require planning, planning stops…”

Brands and dreams

No more abundance on the side of accessories too: the refined design testifies to it, the race for the gadget, it is over or relegated to films of James Bond. “We only look for the essentials”, we swear to Dassia, in ode to simplicity.

The car is therefore undergoing profound change, driven by the transition to electricity, sobriety… Not so fast. Especially at Alpine, in full description of this famous A 110R model, we remember that behind all its innovations, “the brand remains true to its history, its qualities and its design. We have to talk to the people who have followed us for years. Cars are above all enthusiasts talking to enthusiasts.” The last word for Camille: ” It is the nature of the car to have imagination. A car is a dream. And as long as it makes you dream, has the sector a future.”

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