FIFA dives into the metaverse

FIFA has partnered with Roblox to bring metaverse experiences to football fans. Although this again demonstrates the interest in virtual worlds, we will see that this does not necessarily rhyme with “blockchain” and Web3.

FIFA lands in the Roblox metaverse

Following the announcement of a non-fungible token (NFT) platform, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (Fifa), is accelerating its digital shift turn to the metaverse. In fact, the famous soccer institution revealed a partnership with Roblox last week:

Launched in 2003, this game allows players to create their own content to share it with the whole world. This is how FIFA enters this universe through what it calls FIFA World. Transitioning to soccer-themed minigames, fans will be able to develop in this environment to win various rewards.

In light of the upcoming schedule, FIFA World will adapt its content accordingly World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year, but also in light of Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next year.

Pedri, the Spanish national team player from FC Barcelona and partner in the project, commented on this news:

“It’s incredibly exciting to see FIFA and Roblox come together and I look forward to being a part of FIFA World as it continues to evolve! The soccer fans I see in the stands every week love to play and it’s great to introduce them to the FIFA World Cup in the digital space and interact with them directly in our Roblox world. »

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A metaverse without blockchain

Roblox is a concrete example that shows that “metaverse” does not necessarily mean “blockchain” and not necessarily “Web3” either.

In fact, although it is possible to sell your creations on the platform against a currency called ROBUX, you must take out a paid subscription. In addition, this currency can only be exchanged for dollars from 100,000 units, against a rate decided by Roblox.

It is therefore from a Web2 metaverse, where the rules of the game remain highly centralized. Nevertheless, this partnership with FIFA is still part of the current dynamic where famous companies and institutions are more and more aware of their digital presence with their audiences.

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Source: FIFA

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