BACCHUS BUSINESS CLUB opens in Montpellier! – BACCHUS BUSINESS CLUB opens in Montpellier!

It’s official, the Bacchus Business Club, a private club of business leaders and financial personalities created by Terre de Vins* magazine, is launching in Montpellier this May.

After a successful launch in the cities of Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille in September 2021, where the club has almost 250 members, the Bacchus Business Club in Montpellier starts from 12 May. A rich program of future meetings at a time when coming together to exchange ideas, understand, learn and share has never been more important.

Six times a year, Bacchus Business Club Montpellier will offer 70 committed and passionate entrepreneurs (ETIs, SMEs, start-ups, liberal professions) the opportunity to meet for a gastronomic dinner, around a common passion: taste! The taste for wine, gastronomy, the art of living, discovery but also the taste for entrepreneurship.
At each meeting, two guests of honor come to share their experiences: a great business leader, an entrepreneur or a personality tells his success story and reveals his news, while a great French winegrower comments on his wines and presents his projects.

Why Montpelier?

The metropolis of Montpellier is a land of wines that must be preserved and improved. Terre de Vins magazine was created there in 1999. The history of its territory is inseparable from wine culture, as its economic sector is from entrepreneurship: Montpellier is ranked as the 7th most dynamic city in France in terms of business creation in 2020 The same year it was created 7,700 companies, that is, as many as in 2019, despite the Corona health crisis.
With its 84,000 companies, Montpellier is a country of welcome and development for entrepreneurial innovation, like the Med Vallée project, which aims to make Montpellier a world-class center for global health.
“Montpellier was an obvious choice for Terre de Vins because it was in Montpellier that Terre de Vins was born, recalls Rodolphe Wartel, managing director of Terre de Vins and founder of the Bacchus Business Club. Sylvie Tonnaire, our editor-in-chief, knows these terroirs and their winegrowers inside and out. Participating in the strengthening of this link between business and the world of viticulture excites us. We also rely on an office led by Jean-Claude Gallo, who knows the economy of his region very well and will be able to unite the leaders who matter”.

It is a great pleasure to welcome Bacchus Business Club to Montpellier declares Jean-Claude Gallo, president of the Montpellier club.

Let’s bet our many friends who are decision-makers and epicureans at heart will take great pleasure in sharing the unusual moments of coziness that lie ahead! Prestigious speakers, tasting of exceptional wines from all regions of France, a magnificent gourmet dinner composed by chef Mathieu Gourreau … all this in the magnificent setting of the Relais & Château du Domaine de Verchant! Looking forward to seeing you there! »

The ambassadors

The Bacchus Business Club in Montpellier is supported by four ambassadors who represent its expertise and its influence in the region. This is how Jean-Claude Gallo, chairman of JCG Factory, accepted the chairmanship.
He will be chairman of the Montpellier club accompanied by Stéphanie Chanot, head of the SEV Espaces Verts company and Laurent Brieu, Corporate and Investment Banking Director at Crédit Agricole du Languedoc and chairman of Sofilaro.

From left to right: Jean-Claude Gallo, Stéphanie Chanot, Laurent Brieu

OPENING EVENING (for club members only)

THURSDAY MAY 12 at Domaine de Verchant in Castelnau-le-Lez

In the presence of Mr. Xavier Lépingle, CEO of Hermès Textile Holding,

Ms Miren de Lorgeril, Chairman and CEO of Lorgeril Vins et Domaines,

Madame Diane Ducret, novelist and essayist. Author of the bestseller Women of Dictator (Perrin, 2011), translated into twenty-five languages, The Forbidden Chair (Albin Michel, 2014), The best way to walk is that of the flamingo (Flammarion, 2018) or The Dictator (Flammarion, 2020).

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