Who are the starseeds, these aliens from another galaxy?

Do you feel different from your peers? You can be a starseed, an extraterrestrial dense being, more subtle, wise and powerful. A revisited new age theory that seduces young people in search of horizons.

The 2000s had the indigos, the 2020s will have the starseeds. While the new age wave breaks stronger than ever in the West, between wellness gurus, food spirituality and junk shamans, a new species is making itself heard on social networks: Starseeds. Their popularity is exploding on TikTok, where gurus seduce a generation anxious about their future in search of spirituality.

Who are the starseeds?

The expression star seed (literally starseed in French) comes from the psychedelic universe and science fiction. We find traces of the expression in the novel Starseed from 1973 by psychologist Timothy Leary, in the manga series Sailor Moon or in the 60s TV seriestar walk. Today, starseeds are self-proclaimed hybrid, half-human, half-alien beings who are said to have arrived on Earth by accident. We owe the concept (which does not lack poetry, it must be acknowledged) to the American Brad Steiger, who presents it in his book Aquarius Gods. Published in 1976, this work will feed the imagination of hippies for a long time, from New York to California.

They are here to save us

A few decades later, the presence of starseeds on Earth is no longer accidental: it is the result of a shift in the universe which, thanks to them, intends to perfect the human race and save it from itself… At Energi- santé blog, in a post dated July 2022 we learn that: “Starseeds are essentially souls not native to Earth who incarnated here to do work for the planet. . The Starseed community is a group of people who are on the front lines, to ensure that the human race goes through a period of healing and comes together in love, compassion and kindness. They felt like they were stuck in the middle of an ocean with no map or direction; lost and confused about where their lives are headed or what purpose they may be pursuing. But now the Starseeds around the globe are awakening and remembering their heritage and their divine mission. The Starseeds want the people of Earth to know that they are loved unconditionally by G ud/The Goddess, their ancestors and those around them, but most importantly by themselves. »

Their mission: to save us and guide us to the golden age, whatever that may be. “Starseeds are messengers of love, light and truth. They were sent here to help everyone become more aware of their true selves. They are connected to ancient spiritual teachings as they can easily access the astral plane. »

At Starseed Origin, Lætita offers “starseed consciousness that comes from a density very different from Earth’s” with an “indigo dominant” vibration, offering guided meditation sessions. She invites the starseeds community to shine “with its most beautiful light. » Cost of the session (individual and by phone)? Not clearly stated. For comparison, the site divine birth offers individual sessions focusing on an “intervention of celestial energies” to “rebalance your inner space”. Price for the session: between 60 and 200 euros.

How to recognize a star seed?

Before paying for this type of service, it is still necessary to verify that you are not a semi-heavenly being yourself. So how do you know if you’re a star frog? All you have to do is take a quick inventory of your personality and mood. As cristiancaminero explains, 7 infallible signs allow you to identify starseeds.

  1. You don’t feel like you belong on our planet. You feel like no one understands you and your (true) home is in the stars. Or as Jean Frédéric, “spiritual coach” with more than 115,000 subscribers, would say, you struggle to “find the right balance between heaven and earth. »
  2. You feel that you are not living up to your potential and that an important task awaits you.
  3. You are going through a phase of spiritual awakening and you have the feeling of better understanding the universe.
  4. You have a lot of intuition, you have no problems understanding other people’s motivations and you can easily understand new concepts.
  5. You are very sensitive and empathetic, you can easily create emotional bonds with others and you have no problem perceiving what types of solutions could solve their problems.
  6. You feel like one old soulan ancient soul who would have already passed on Earth many times, which would have allowed you to become extremely wise.
  7. Children and animals are naturally attracted to you. This is due to the particularly strong vibrations coming from your person.

It’s all you, isn’t it?

If following this product sheet wasn’t enough for you, you can also enjoy a quick online session, halfway between meditation and hypnosis. Close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the seductive and ethereal voice of mysticmamaq, who, with her head wrapped in an indigo scarf, urges you to remember: “Remember who you are. A magnificent angel. Starseed, remember. »

Yoga room in TikTok

During the videos of cristiancaminero and mysticmamaq, a few sarcastic remarks: “yes, absolutely all teenagers 😂😂😂”, “I detect a very strong protagonist mood in the comments. “But above all, an avalanche of enthusiastic returns:” it’s crazy, without TikTok I would never have awakened spiritually”, “I just want to go home 🥺”, “I’m FROM THE COSMOS. It’s me !!”, “unbelievable, I close my eyes and I see my past lives among the Mayans! ( Why always among the Maya? Mystery.)

To date, #starseed has over 700 million views. Normal, gurus 2.0 perfectly master the codes for TikTok. This is the case with Jean Frédéric, who uses the POV video format (for perspectivepoint of view) in fashion at the moment, and who do not hesitate to mix the usual #spirituality and #spiritual development with hashtags likely to appeal to rap fans, such as #raptok and #freestyle.

Starseed or the syndrome of the main character

When everything is collapsing and the future seems so uncertain, it is not surprising that we want to project ourselves to other galaxies. With the shift, the Z’s had learned to drift into controlled, semi-waking dreams; with quantum leaps they had developed the ability to project themselves into another dimension; and with the manifestation they had acquired the habit of entering into dialogue directly with the universe. So it was only a matter of time before they outright claimed another galaxy.

In addition to their discomfort, would the Z’s also be victims of Protagonist Syndrome? (or protagonist syndrome in French.) Probably. Tired of the idea that they were “special” and “the heroes of their own lives”, the Z – like millennials before them – would be inclined to imagine that they were destined for an extraordinary destiny, in the images of their favorite. TV shows.

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