Where can I find a certified Facebook Ads (Meta Business) agency?

Do you want to launch advertising campaigns targeting Facebook, Instagram or even Whatsapp? You are surely looking for a web marketing agency that specializes in managing social ad campaigns, with expertise in managing Facebook Ads campaigns… and there you find that there are a host of players that offer this benefit. Digital freelancers, communication agencies, SaaS software… the options are many, but it’s hard to choose.

A first criterion that allows you to sort through this wide selection available to you is to filter your choice by choosing a Facebook Ads partner agency. We explain everything about it to you.

Why has Facebook implemented a Meta Business Partner badge for agencies?

More and more companies from all backgrounds are investing advertising budgets in campaigns on Facebook Ads, with the aim of developing their customer base and increasing their revenue. This branch of digital marketing is in strong development, it was necessary to find a way to professionalize this activity, through a certification that Facebook (now Meta) offers to agencies that want it, just as Google offers it to its Google Ads platform .

As a business, it is in your best interest to choose a service provider (agency, freelancer or software) that is certified to reduce the risk of investing without a minimum return on investment guarantee. Take effect, work with a Meta Business partner agency (the new name of Facebook Ads), will at least guarantee you to work with experienced people on the subject.

In order to obtain the Facebook Ads certified agency certification, you must meet many criteria:

  • justify advertising expenditures of at least $5,000 over the last 6 current months;
  • have the headquarters of their business in a market addressed by Facebook Ads
  • manage at least 10 Facebook Pages on your Business Manager, each with at least $100 in ad spend over the last 3 running months;
  • comply with the advertising policy for Facebook Ads and more generally comply with the advertising rules imposed by management

By meeting these conditions and by “applying” to obtain the Meta partner agency certification, the agencies that win this certificate benefit from several benefits:

  • access to an agency room with analytical tools that display reports, analysis and recommendations for campaign managers and the agency;
  • resources to help agency partners manage and market their advertising campaigns for their clients;
  • training modules to help employees (account manager, traffic manager, etc.) progress in the way they work on their Facebook Ads campaigns;
  • assistance from Facebook teams in case of problems with customer accounts or campaigns;
  • invitations to events dedicated to partner agencies;
  • visibility thanks to the “Meta partner” tag as well as the display of your agency in the official directory of Facebook Ads partner agencies

It is clear that a company that meets all these requirements is not doing it for pleasure, but it has a desire to develop its activity in the long term. That said, being certified by a Facebook partner agency does not necessarily mean that your ad campaigns will perform well or generate a high profit. It is above all a first filter to reduce the number of actors with whom one can discuss.

Furthermore, Facebook itself says so on its Meta Business website: “The partner directory is provided for reference only and companies should conduct their own due diligence on the company they choose to work with. The companies listed are branded Meta Business Partners. Inclusion in this directory is not an endorsement by Meta. Information from partners such as office location, overview and success stories must be confirmed directly with the respective partner. »

How to find the list of Meta Business partner agencies?

It is precisely the last point that we have mentioned in the advantages for agencies that will interest us here. It simply is the official directory of Facebook Ads partner agencies. When you search for it on Google or elsewhere, it is hardly available, but if we search deep on the Meta Business site, we finally find it: https://www.facebook.com/business/partner-directory/search

Meta Partner Directory

By accessing this link you will discover a complete search engine with many filters to classify Meta Business partner agencies (formerly Facebook Ads):

  • type of managed solutions: campaign management, community management, advertising content platform, feed platform, metrics, notifications, conversion data, sales on Facebook
  • by country of location
  • of the languages ​​spoken
  • by service delivery type: pay-per-hour, managed, project-based, self-service (SaaS)
  • by specialisation: Audience management, campaign setup, international campaign, integrations, optimization, reporting and analyses
  • by Industry: Automotive, FMCG, E-Commerce, Education, Energy & Utilities, Entertainment, Financial Services, Gaming, Government & Politics, Healthcare, Organizations & Associations, Professional Services, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel

With all these filters, it will be possible to identify a few agencies that have chosen to specialize in your field of activity, and then contact them to investigate their offer. However, we advise you to carry out several searches, because most of the large agencies that specialize in Facebook ads are, above all, multidisciplinary: they will support clients from several sectors of activity, so this sorting information should not be taken as a criterion.

In reality, the talent of Facebook Ads agencies depends above all on their employees, some of whom have gained a lot of experience in a particular sector. However, there is no guarantee that this person will still be part of the company’s workforce when you wish to work with them. So be aware of the trade-offs when discussing with the agencies in question and discuss with at least 3 different agencies to have enough perspective and to be able to have a real choice.

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