What does this offer for professionals consist of?

Hey bank! : BNP Paribas online banking

The BNP Paribas bank has created the online bank Hey bank! in 2013. At the time, she was one of the pioneers in the field, which allowed her to establish herself comfortably in France, but also in a large number of European countries, such as Germany, Italy or Austria. Today it has more than 600,000 customers. When it launched its Hello bank! Pro, the goal was to reach independent French professionals to present them with a banking offer that could facilitate their financial management. Since the PACTE law from May 2019 requires self-employed persons with an annual turnover of more than 10,000 euros over two consecutive years to open a professional account, this offer meets this need.

But above all, it gives those who subscribe to it to be in full legality, should a check give. Hello Business therefore offers professional tools and services that allow them to achieve more autonomy and mobility in the management of their activities, such as the VISA business card or the tool to create invoices and offers.

Who can benefit from Hello Business?

Like the other Hello bank! Pro, only independent professionals resident in France can take advantage of the Hello Business offer. These are therefore natural persons who operate under the status of micro-entrepreneur or individual entrepreneur. They must have chosen sole proprietorship status for the management of their work and be of legal age to benefit from it. The process, in turn, can be done online.

The applicant must start by filling in a form in which he will enter his personal and contact details. He will then be asked to provide documentation to prove his identity and independent status. He will be able to declare himself an entrepreneur by transferring a registration certificate. However, it must be dated less than 3 months to be valid and used to open the account. Finally, an electronic signature will be requested, as well as a first payment of at least 10 euros, which completes the opening of the Hello bank! Pro.

What does the Hello Business offer include?

First of all, you should know that the Hello Business offer is a combined offer of banking services and products for a single price. Thus, no more transaction fees or commissions. This greatly simplifies management for the independent professional. In the event that there is no longer any interest for the entrepreneur in keeping this account open, it is also possible to close it for free, since opening it does not require any obligation on the part of the holder.

The offer includes a VISA Hello Business card, which allows the auto entrepreneur to make payments worldwide. This is available for immediate payment but also deferred as per the holder’s preference. Like Hey Bank! is part of the BNP Paribas network, it is possible to make deposits in all its branches, at ATMs, using this professional bank card. To cash your customers’ checks, Hey Bank! offers check scanning, you no longer need to travel to branches, scan your customer’s check and send the original for free by post to your bank. Insurance and assistance guarantees will also allow self-employed people to be insured in case of hospitalization or especially during their business trips.

Other services offered by Hello Business include My Business Assistant Start (MBAS). This tool allows professionals to create and modify quotes or invoices while customizing them. A significant time saving that no longer obliges you to take out your files every time. In fact, all customer records can be integrated into the database accessible from the Hello bank! app and website. Another advantage of Mon Business Assistant is that it predicts cash flow needs and automatically calculates VAT.

To conclude

While the Hello Business offering provides professionals with many tools and services, it also offers instant SEPA transfers. The goal is always to make everyday life easier for the self-employed. And with this in mind, it is possible to control an activity directly from the application, available on iOS and Android.

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