They rent luxury cars in Poland to avoid fines

They love beautiful bodywork and excitement, but have little taste for the fines imposed by automatic speed cameras. The parade? Rent luxury cars abroad. As related The Parisian13 August Young people from working-class areas of the capital found the scheme by renting luxury sedans in Poland. Without French registration, they are protected against fines and license withdrawal. The practice is spreading like wildfire.

“I used to take cars in leasing or long-term rental in Germany, Luxembourg, even Switzerland, because it was cheaper. And then, since I don’t own it and it goes through rental platforms, it saves me a lot of fines or losing points on my driving license”, confides a young resident of Choisy-le-King (Val-de-Marne).

A method that has allowed him to drive since his majority at the wheel of the finest German sedans, Audi, BMW or Mercedes, each time worth more than 150,000 euros. “It’s my passion, my only madness, but I would never have been able to afford them otherwise, he says. Now I’m going through Poland. It’s even cheaper. Moreover, the apartments – the rental forms that I’ve visited before, say, they adapt close and settle a little more in Eastern Europe. They form the connection between the Eastern countries and France”, he explains. -huh.


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Another youngster was even more “brilliant”. The latter sublets his rental car to certain apartments. “I rent my car sometimes at the weekend, on the black one, for events. My AMG (a Mercedes model) was used for recording two rap clips, also for a wedding.” The latter explains that he pays almost 1,500 euros a month for the rental of his racing car, but that a “loan for the weekend” can cover drafts on his own.

A final young man from Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) also chose Poland to rent a racing car. “The last car I took was a Lambo (Lamborghini)”, this insurance agent launches. “I like to drive fast. To hear the engine. And to impress. On the other hand, when it’s for professional appointments, I prefer the convertible or the coupé. Customers like to take it for a ride or test drive it, and it gives them show that my business is going well.”


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“The car is a bit of a symbol of success”

In his town, there are many who are tempted to rent in Poland instead of buying in France: “When I was little, I saw the big ones, with their models from Germany, suddenly when we grew up, we enjoy ourselves . The car is a bit of a symbol of success, he laughs. You don’t want to take out a big loan for a mid-range car that could be damaged in an accident.” Another advantage, avoiding paperwork… but also fines and withdrawal of driving license points. “Also for insurance, it’s less of a hassle. And then it also gives you the opportunity to sometimes do some bullshit without being too bothered by speed cameras or the police,” he acknowledges.

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Poland has recently become the new Eldorado for renting luxury cars, sedans or sports cars. “Before Poland there was Germany, Luxembourg, but it’s been a year since Poland took over,” noted this limousine rental company interviewed by The Parisian whose clientele is mainly in Île-de-France. “Poland lowers prices. In France they have [les clients] would pay five times more”, he estimates. This professional has been able to observe that his clients “are 20-year-old young people who drive cars that cost more than 200,000 euros.” “In some processions I have been able to see a fortnight of this kind”, he emphasizes.


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