the payment terminal is at a low price thanks to this promotion

Hey bank! continues to expand its Hello Business offering dedicated to independent professionals. Latest innovation: the possibility of using a payment terminal for bank cards. This has the advantage of being very cheap.

Are you running your own business in 2022? Although the quality of your products and services is the most important element to make it flourish, you should still not forget to take care of its compatibility. And this without forgetting to have a payment terminal at hand if physical sales are part of your business model. The latter has also developed a lot in recent years, and now utilizes the connection with a smartphone to operate simply and anywhere (as long as we catch the mobile network).

With its Hello Business offer dedicated to self-employed professionals, Hello bank! allows its users to use a modern payment terminal at a lower price. Enough to put the odds in your favor to run your business without investing a lot of money. Especially since the payment terminal is in a campaign for 39 euros excluding tax, and the subscription to Hello Business is -50% for 6 months until 07 March 2022.

A payment terminal connected to your smartphone

Wired payment terminals linked to cash registers are a thing of the past. Now the devices are much more compact, battery powered and wireless. This is, for example, the case with the one that Hello Business offers in its offer. To work, it must connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once paired, and if your smartphone picks up the cellular network, it can accept credit card payments (contactless or contactless) as well as those from Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

To accompany this payment terminal, Hello bank! has developed its Hello Pay Pro application. This connects to your payment terminal to control it more easily. It is from this application that you can define the amount of a payment or even send a receipt electronically by entering your customer’s email address.

A payment terminal with no fixed costs

39 euros excluding tax instead of 79 euros: this is the amount you have to pay to get the payment terminal for the Hello Business offer. Then it’s up to you. That is, Hello bank! charge neither rent nor subscription, as is often the case with payment terminals. Instead, the online bank will charge a commission for each transaction, up to 1.60% including tax. The payment terminal thus costs you nothing when you are not using it.

Above all, use the payment terminal offered by Hello bank! offers certain advantages that can ease your accounting. First of all, the Hello Pay Pro application allows you to track your various receipts in real time. This allows you to know the status of your account at any time. Especially since the latter is only credited on D+1. This means that you receive all payments one day after registering them on your payment terminal.

Hello Business: an offer tailored to the self-employed

Designed for the self-employed, the Hello Business offer from Hello bank! offers many benefits to its users:

And the last advantage of Hello Business is on the price level. Until March 7, 2022, the professional offer from Hello bank! sees its price cut in half during the first 6 months. This drops the price per month to 5.45 euros excluding tax.

It is very simple to subscribe to the offer. After filling out a form, all that remains is to submit supporting documents online and make an initial transfer of between 10 and 300 euros. Once the file is accepted, the account will be activated in a few days. You will then receive your Visa Hello Business card by post.

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