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Google, since its creation, offers an increasingly optimal navigation to its users. Many services are available for individuals, but also for professionals seeking visibility. In 2014, Google My Business was born, directly addressing the needs of businesses. But what is Google My Business? What are the benefits of this tool for businesses? How has it become a real social network for local points of sale? How to take advantage of it? Decryption.

Google My Business: definition

Google My Business provides companies the possibility of creating an establishment sheet directly online.
Thus, when a person enters the terms of his search on Google, he can see appears on the right of his screen an insertion specifically dedicated to the company responding to its research intent and then highlighting:

  • A picture of the company;
  • The name of the brand;
  • Opening hours;
  • The location;
  • The company’s activity;
  • Contacts (phone, email, etc.);
  • customer reviews;
  • Etc.

In other words, Google has implemented a service that allows consumers to discover all the practical information about your business. The tool also makes interaction between consumers and businesses possible! Individuals can write their review, submit pictures of purchased products, suggest changes to the schedule (if incorrect) or whatever.

Google My Business is a free toolintended for all sectors of activity, but also all companies, small and large.

The benefits of Google My Business for companies

Companies are almost 4 million, and only on the national territory, according to INSEE. So many companies now want to get the most out of the game and stand out from the competition. At a time when new technologies are an integral part of our lives, the presence of companies on the Internet has become essential for capturing new market shares.

For this, Google makes its tool available so that companies around the world can:

  • Gain visibility on the Internet, even if the company’s core business is not online (construction trades, craftsmen, food companies, etc.);
  • Increase revenue by promoting store traffic (drive-to-store) via coupons or promotions;
  • Build a strong e-reputation thanks to customer reviews left on the site (spontaneously or after sending a link to customers);
  • Create the connection between trade and consumer by publishing news about the point of sale, photos of your team, of your premises;
  • Improve the user experience by listing useful information about the company (contact, itinerary, questions/answers);
  • Increase website traffic thanks to the presence of the URL on the establishment file;
  • Allow all companies to be visible online (regardless of location or size of structure…)
  • Optimize your local SEO.

Google My Business: local natural reference

A study by Whitespark in 2021 found that Google My Business listings were relevant to local natural references.
In fact, when the user performs a Google search, his phone or computer is geolocated if this option is enabled. So if he adds a local intent to his request, your Google My Business listing can go up in the first results of Google. Three main criteria are taken into account by the algorithm implemented by Google:

  • The distance between the searched business and the internet user’s location;
  • The relevance of the business to the nature of the internet user’s search;
  • The popularity of the company.

The companies thus have everything to gain highlight the geographical parameters in the description of their establishment. And much more when it comes to restaurant chains, shops, handicrafts for example, which require consumers to visit them on site. You guarantee the optimal placement of your business listing on Google.

Note that you can create as many listings as there are businesses owned by your brand.

The establishment file: a real social network

Where companies can stand out is in the animation of this establishment sheet. If some imagine that it is enough to create it to be referenced, others make use of complementary services to increase their local visibility.

Also, it’s not about publishing either posts that are identical to those on your Facebook account or Instagram.

Rather, it is a matter of communicating about the news about your company, very reassuring to the users:

  • That news your business: products, dishes, design, etc.;
  • Major events: extraordinary opening, exhibitions, conferences, recruitment;
  • Offer promotional from the moment;
  • Additional information regardingfor example to the restrictions in force to combat the spread of the virus or an extraordinary change to the schedule, etc.

That Google Posts are visible for seven days directly in Google search results. In addition, there is another useful service: immediate exchange of messages, like social networks, which allow you to interact directly with users and answer their questions. You humanize this GMB page and build trust.

How to create an account on Google My Business?

Do you want to get visibility on Google? It is sufficient for this create your account on Google My Business.

  1. Log in to Next page ;
  2. Then equipped with your GMAIL email addressyou can then proceed with the creation of your Google My Business page;
  3. Your business may already be listed on the GMB, but if it is not present, please enter it manually by clicking ” Add your business to Google “.
  4. Fill in all the information about your company: the name of the brand, the nature of the activity, the website of the latter, your contacts, etc.
  5. The business directory is created by Google.

Google also indicates that a seriously finished and optimized file sees its chances of being visited jump by 70%!

So it looks like Google My Business has been added to the list of essential tools to use for increase your company’s visibility. Combined with well-thought-out SEO, good marketing knowledge and some editorial imagination, your business will rise in Google searches.

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