The Big, the biggest business event in Europe organized by Bpifrance, is today!

Big, the largest business meeting in Europe organized by Bpifrance returns on October 6, 2022 to bring together entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, athletes or students under the sign of “metamorphosis”.

Always bigger, always stronger: if 7e edition of Big had welcomed 62,000 visitors to the Accor Arena Paris, it returns in 2022 with a hybrid event, both physical and digital. On the program: 1,000 speakers and a hundred top speakers and personalities from the financial world that made the news in 2022, 500 workshops and conferences broadcast live, in audio and video, followed by more than 20 million people.

Innovation in all its forms

The great event was born during the momentum of Bpifrance (public investment bank) around the reflection of the basis of innovation, its growth, its sharing for the common good. If the approach was initially very focused on technology, in line with the Deeptech plan launched by Bpifrance in 2019, the event opened up several cross-cutting themes in a world that is changing in depth: products and services, process and organization, marketing, business model, social impact. Each topic feeds off each other.

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From the first Big, 8 years ago, we were surprised by the excitement it generated, which can certainly be explained by our society’s need for innovation, which is not the prerogative of large companies or start-ups. “recalls Paul-François Fournier, Chief Innovation Officer at Bpifrance.

The necessary metamorphosis

This year’s theme, metamorphosismetamorphosis, it is innovation, business and more broadly today’s world that needs to reinvent itself more than ever to meet the challenges of our time. The successive crises that accumulate paradoxically offer opportunities for transformation to renew the country’s economic and industrial structure, especially with the France 2030 plan and its 50 billion euros invested. ” The mentality is also changing because we used to have the capabilities, but it didn’t necessarily work out, now we have to do what we have to and can », points out Paul-François Fournier. The metamorphosis is also individual because each participant benefits from one energyenergy collective and constructive, we never get out exactly the way we came in… “.

Strong moments for a collective momentum

On the big stage in Big, a rather large variety of speakers will follow each other, between ministers, artists, sportsmen, business leaders in CAC40, heads of start-up companies or even inspiring people. ” It is difficult to name them all, but in between Xavier NielXavier Niel which has followed us since the first edition, Yann Arthus-BertrandYann Arthus-BertrandCarlos Tavares, Lucie Basch, co-founder and president of Too Good To Go, Alexandre Mérieux, the chairman and CEO of the BioMérieux group or even representatives of Greentech, it promises some great momentscontinues Paul-François Fournier. This is also one of the strengths of the event: breaking down silos to bring together all the players who matter in France and create a momentummomentum collective “.

Expand your field of vision

More than 500 workshops and conferences will also be offered around topics that will shape tomorrow’s innovation, such as the metaverse,hydrogenhydrogenthe future of nuclear power…” Also, if I have any advice to give, besides first of all not to miss the event that is likely to change you, it is to both prepare it in good time to find the content that interests you, but also not do not hesitate to let yourself be surprised, because it is also large, impromptu meetings that allow you to expand your field of vision and take a step back concludes Paul-François Fournier.

Article produced in collaboration with BPI

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