Silent Sector (Nintendo Switch) – The Test

The entire galaxy is on the razor’s edge! Admiral Zed has a furious desire to become “master of the universe” and is ready for any scheme to achieve it… It is up to us in our star cuckoo clock, armed to the teeth of course, to reduce these to nothing. misplaced zeal…

In a few words, the scenario captures the main lines of Jets’N’Guns (released in 2004 on PC and recently on Switch), dantesque shmup, first game and flagship title of the developer Rake In Grass. The filiation is more than obvious: the room sparkles with all the colors, with beautiful airbrush-painted constellations. And above all, the humor comes in, is omnipresent, starting with this musical theme, ironic and recurring: old blues that lets us think we’re in the bayou.

But now the explosive shot of Jets’N’Guns is hybridized with RPG in French in the text (!), ultra immersive and pure juice of rust!

Haro on the vile Zed

Silent Sector takes place a few meters near the same universe as Jets’N’Guns with a nice (and oozing) atmosphere of space pirates. Gouailleurs, badly shaven and reeking of motor oil, the very people you meet in seedy bars floating between two solar systems, lost in a galaxy to the right (or so) of the big universal toilets.

The dialogues are hilarious and do not hesitate to break the sacred fourth wall. The missions, rather varied (although in the end we will destroy everything in our path), are no less (twisting) and will lead us to cross cows in the middle of the sidereal void or to discover a star that does nothing but a slice of bacon. This “cool” atmosphere is for a large part of the pleasure we had walking around this galactic map.

We have the opportunity to talk with the local fauna: crazy NPCs, but not only. The game offers us to play the fine diplomats by making friends with factions like in a real strategy game: miners, explorers, religious, free riders, rebels, galactic union…

This system is really excellent as an alliance will naturally put us at odds with other factions. Our choices will be decisive, a small scenario for each faction will be set up, allowing us to obtain specific weapons and ships. Our reputation with our allies is not just a gadget, but also plays a real role in the conquest of the galaxy, the ultimate goal of the game (the final boss is first of all a big carrot to dominate the galaxy in our turn).

Balloon addiction

The addiction is real and the game will quickly prove to be time consuming. First, because the sinews of war are silver, and this precious metal was not really flowing when we started. It is the case to say so, everything costs money: weapons, ships, fuel that drops visibly as we navigate the map and even death, which brings us directly back to our starting point by relieving us of part of our portfolio.

The missions (the capture of enemy bases, the slaughter of enemy fleets, hacking, etc.) offer us a small mesh. And there is also the possibility to extract rare metal by mining in peace from the large asteroid, and to exchange our production for real coins. The game then takes on the intensive farming, although in the second part of the game (with the appearance of the “cubes”, let’s not say more so as not to reveal the surprise), being overpowered, we will put more emphasis on total combat.

In fact, the game offers an excellent longevity approaching 20 hours of gameplay for all those who want to dominate the galaxy and complete the maximum number of missions and points of interest (which characterize the game with fun surprises). The addiction is real, there is always a mission reaching out to us, an enemy base to destroy, or a sector to be reclaimed on the map (and yes, on this last point, if we leave an area, we can lose it) .

Bis Repetita

Of course, the game is not perfect. The first difficulty is fully understanding the menus and other statements. It takes a few hours to assimilate the baba after a few mistakes. For example, going from one weapon to another at the merchant without making a mistake (like selling it in our inventory by mistake, that which was dear to us and will be lost forever). It can end up being annoying.

On the Nintendo Switch, the + key is selected to switch from the map to an area (and vice versa) and it caused us a lot of problems. Specifically, this key is usually offered in 99% of games as a pause or menu button. Here, habit (not helping) will banish us from an area while on a mission.

Someone rings the door or an urgent wish and we will be teleported to the map (and consume unnecessary fuel) instead of naturally pausing the game. Maybe players will get used to the controls, but overall they didn’t feel easy to us, although they still work fine in battle mode.

Jets’N’Guns was explosive and the battles in Silent Sector are just as explosive. With the difference that they are not played horizontally like in an R*Type or a Gradius, but in top view mode, twin-stick-shooter option. They are comfortable and allow us to control a smart shield (with its own bar in addition to the one that represents our health). And they are not particularly punishing: you just have to prepare well beforehand and pay attention along the way.

Apart from the discovery, unfortunately, they are very similar, and the tactics to avoid going from life to death are also repeated from one match to the next. If we add to this that the basic armada-type missions to kill or fedex missions are repeated a little too much from one faction to another, we had to face a very slight fatigue in the last quarter of the game. game, linked to our level up and our weapons, which splash all over the screen, making the confrontations a little too easy. Nevertheless, nothing will have made us abandon our ultimate goal!



  • RPG shmup, that changes
  • The game is in French!
  • A lot of humor
  • Addictive
  • Reputation system between factions
  • Lots of ships to unlock
  • The wayward armament


  • Control, outside of combat, not practical
  • One or two bugs and some quests remained in English
  • Space battles that do not avoid repetition
  • A bump before the end

Note details

  • Graphics

  • Soundtrack

  • Gameplay

  • Lifetime

  • Fun

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