Serge Bueno, the Good Samaritans of business

The businessman who made his fortune in Tech is revolutionizing the powdered drink market by launching a “generosity brand”, boosted by sales from his prestigious partners. Called ‘Smart Good Things’, his company is committed to donating 25% of profits to solidarity and ecological works. Serge Bueno can already be proud of having initiated this virtuous circle of actors from the cultural world such as The voice and the sports sphere as PSG, AS Saint-Etienne or the rugby elite with TOP 14. Meeting between two signatures.

May your flesh be your only medicine ! “, taught Hippocrates four centuries BC. A saying that is still as relevant to the 21th century in these times of epidemics and hopes for well-being. In France and elsewhere, consumers have become aware of the link between their diet and their health, so much so that there is a tendency to adopt behavior with a propensity to question the product to measure its impact on health. Objectives: reduce the risk of disease, increase immunity and/or improve physical and intellectual performance. Today, the housewife over 50, the millennial, the sportsman, the bobo or the ecologist wants to “understand” the nutrition label. Barcodes, which they sift through with great reinforcements of technology via applications that scan each ingredient. The expectations are also ethical and environmental in the name of a certain militancy, of an increasingly shared consciousness.

A “context” of the most favorable to shake up the world of non-alcoholic beverages, long remained the playground of giants like the Atlanta company … Coca Cola for the uninformed. The serial entrepreneur, Serge Bueno, has invested in the sector with a disruptive approach that consists of creating a “brand of generosity”. Convinced that each of us can revolutionize our consumption model by making our choices a true act of virtuous citizenship for health, the planet and society, the businessman assures us: ” We can perfectly combine performance and philanthropy “. Behind this noble idea, an innovative business model that lives up to the name: Smart Good Things. Instead of becoming another player in this crowded market, the 50-year-old, who made his fortune in Tech, has chosen to market his drinks under a white label: ” The principle of Smart Good Things is to trust partners – known as ‘beneficiaries’ – as placers their stamp on our innovative compositions. A quarter of the net revenue from the sale will be donated to solidarity actions for the benefit of the community. ” says the instigator.

Serge Bueno : “The sports world initially very quickly understood the benefits of this win-win partnership.

12 years of research and development and 12 million euros of investment later leads to a wide range of natural and sugar-free mixes ready to satisfy every taste. Caffeinated drinks such as iced Americano or hazelnut coffee; iced tea with white peach, green tea with lemon; mocktails with the taste of mojito, beer, ginger ale or pina colado…or even energy drinks, others developed as boosters of the immune system: there are almost 28 products in the catalog with a hundred more on the way, all developed by a team of nutritionists and doctors. Presented in the form of a stick to be poured into cold water (or milk), these nectars are the Trojan horse for this major marketer, who is eyeing the highly coveted sports club market. A sector where fans are very fond of derivative products of all kinds.

This fine communicator – on the edge – when it comes to defending his business project, goes on a real tour of France to initiate these interlocutors. And not least Serge Bueno goes to meet the leaders of Ligue 1 to preach the good word. AS Saint-Etienne will be its first major partner, enough to comfort the man who has the holiest of sights in his sights: PSG. He knows the importance of getting an agreement with the club in the capital, whose influence is international…

…And he had Ronaldo.

Last June, in the middle of a press conference, Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo asked to replace his Coca-Cola with water and refused the soft drink offered to him. A harmless gesture commented at will until we opened a debate about the place of soft drinks in our lifestyle. This “Coca-Colagate” reinforced by social networks will support the entrepreneur’s argument. Perfect timing: PSG follows suit by complying with its “brand of generosity” indexed to the sale of drinks stamped with the Parisian logo. From there, the media machine is swept along. This major coup attracts other prestigious partners such as SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) and The Voice, the famous hit telecast broadcast on TF1. ” Everyone understood the benefits of this win-win partnership. The more people know about my product, the more likely they are to buy it and increase the bounty fund. This virtuous system has an impact on the revenue of the rights holders and Smart Good Things. At the same time, it consolidates the CSR image. “, welcomes Serge Bueno.

He intends to spread his winning recipe also to the world of culture, to the world of mass distribution, to public authorities… Ambitious goals that will soon be financed by a fundraising of 10 million euros in preparation. ” If we manage to donate 25% of our earnings, it is thanks to the flexibility of our business model. In detail, we have no bottles to produce, nor raw materials to buy like water or sugar, which means more transportation. So we achieve economies of scale. This innovative approach also allows us to drastically reduce waste and the carbon footprint. It is therefore possible to generate 25% of net revenue thanks to this distinctive positioning. “, informs the latter.

Serge Bueno @ Smart Good Things

It is clear that his speech generates some excitement among the players in the sporting and cultural world. But not only that, the institutional is also found in this charismatic personality. Serge Bueno is a committed business angel who appreciates devoting time to others through interventions in social reception centers. In his eyes, it is essential to listen, to inspire, to pass on to young people who have been mistreated by life. ” If I can just turn around the life of one child who is abandoned, resigned, or about to take a wrong turn, then I will be blessed with the happiness of having done so. Money should never be a goal in itself, as an entrepreneur you must wonder about the societal role your action plays. Gathering, uniting, reviving, this is my personal matrix. «, he confides.

This sensitive soul does not forget the elderly, for whom he hopes to facilitate daily life through a concierge platform project at democratic prices. Old age, or how to age well at home, is a subject that excites him together with the president of the Loire departmental council, Georges Ziegler. This area was chosen to be the cradle for the launch of this pilot project designed according to a subscription model. the principle? Allow seniors to call concierges for daily assistance (digital formalities, getting their groceries delivered, solving a cleaning problem, making a doctor’s appointment, chatting with their grandchildren, etc.). Caretaker recruited and trained among young school dropouts and other people far from employment.

Like his appearance, Serge Bueno intends to give of his person to also move the lines of this universe.

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