Sarthe. Stolen car found in river, owner contacted 17 years later

A car had been found in the Sarthe River in Malicorne. 17 years after losing it, the owner is contacted again. ©Sable News

It is at the level of a bed, in the river Sartheat Malicorne-sur-Sarthethat a car had been discovered two years ago by the association Pêche Aveugl’Aimant, which specializes in magnet fishing.

Taking advantage of the scrap, the vehicle should be removed by the services of the department. Its owner, who has been contacted, claims to be the victim of a theft from … 2005, 17 years after the fact! More so, she might have to pay her extraction fees.

An unusual discovery

Jean-Philippe Brasier, president of the association, regularly posts videos reporting on his unusual finds.

He remembers very well this submerged car, found on the roof, which he says he reported to the town hall and the gendarmerie.

It is quite exceptional to find a whole car. We were fishing there when we came across her. It was a diver who had gone to see what was happening and had removed the license plate so that it could be made available to the gendarmerie.

Jean-Philippe Brasier, chairman of the Aveugl’Aimant Fishing Association

A permit is required for magnet fishing

The chairman of the Pêche Aveugl’Aimant association reminds us that he has an authorization to practice magnet fishing. Its association, created in 2019, consists of two teams working in three departments: Sarthe, Mayenne and Maine-et-Loire. “We are 55 volunteers in total in the association”, emphasizes Jean-Philippe Brasier.

“No Theft Declaration”

The driver’s identity had been found. “The vehicle had not been declared stolen,” recalls Jean-Philippe Brasier.

Information confirmed by the gendarmerie. Based on the plate number, they find no trace of a theft report.

Videos: currently on Actu

The vehicle may also be falsely registered. To make sure everything matches, it would be necessary to note the engine level serial number.

The police station

News, 17 years later

As for her, the owner confirms that she was indeed the victim of a theft, but which dates… from December 2005, that is 17 years ago!

It was the other car I had, a white Ford Fiesta. I was living in Noyen-sur-Sarthe at the time. I used to park it in the church square.

The owner of the vehicle

Until one day she can’t find her again. “I used it daily, so I immediately declared it stolen to the gendarmerie Noyen. »

When Fishing Blind Aimant was discovered, no one had warned her, she says. “A month ago I got a phone call from the town hall in Malicorne-sur-Sarthe told me she had been found.

On the trail of his statement

The owner then turned to the services of gendarmerie, hoping to find some trace of his statement issued 17 years ago. As archiving methods have changed in the meantime, the research promises to be complex…

Still managed to find a trail of clues, a policeman sent me per email a proof with some annotations on it. It’s not the official paper, but it’s still proof.

Added to this is another investigation: “by the way, it was necessary to prove that I was well insured. But my insurance has no records either, so it’s complicated. »

For her part, Sarthoisen doubts that she can find a document from 2005 at home. “I moved, got water damage in the meantime…”, she emphasizes.

Evacuation is planned soon

Since the losses started on Monday, October 3, the services of the department, which had been informed of the find, intend to evacuate it soon. No date has been set at this time.

City Hall of Malicorne be reminded that moving costs will be incurred. The owner may be forced to pay them.

The problem is that we don’t really know who to blame since we haven’t found the thief.

Before adding: “I find it difficult to understand why so much time passed between the discovery and the moment I was warned, knowing that there are no fake plates on it”.

If she claims not to be responsible for this important carcass, which will soon be removed from the river, she says that she is ready to settle part of invoice. “To see the amount advertised to me,” she concludes.

Contacted, the department’s services had not responded to our requests.

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