Pamiers in space: The city has its head in the stars until 28 October

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On Monday, a space capsule landed on the Place de La République to mark the grand return of the “Paniers dans l’espace” operation. After last year’s participation, the workshops will be recalibrated. In the hope of awakening vocations.

A space capsule, funny astronauts and apathetic aliens determined to rule the Earth for three weeks. For the second year in a row, the National Center for Space Studies (CNES) and the City Hall have renewed the “Pamiers dans l’espace” operation, which is part of the “Space in my city” scheme, carried out in particular by the Planet Sciences association. Taking place in thirteen municipalities this year, this completely free entertainment program is intended to take place in the city’s Priority Neighborhoods (QPV). In Pamiers, it is the city center and the Foulon-Gloriette sector where a large part of the workshops will take place, as the Irénée-Cros stadium will look like a space base from October 24 to 28 (also read below). The idea is especially to inspire young Appameans’ interest in scientific courses.

More people than in “Airbusienne” Toulouse

“In 2023, CNES’s priority is to promote space culture on Earth. The presenters and organizers are on fire here, they have a crazy energy. Pamiers is involved with school children, traders and the population, and this helps to spread this culture,” points out Christian Planès, who is in charge of the youth education department at CNES, which officially started the operation on Monday, when a space capsule had just landed. at the Place de la République.

Frédérique Thiennot, mayor, and Christian Planès, from CNES, in front of the space capsule with the main players in the operation.

Given the clear success achieved last year in the sub-prefecture of Ariège, where a meteorite had ended its course, the 2022 version of “Paniers in space” was therefore obvious. “The workshops have been recalibrated”, clarifies Frédérique Thiennot, who acknowledges that the city has almost been “a victim of its success”. “In 2021, 743 children and teenagers took part in the operation, which is more than in Paris, Pau and Toulouse. It is a very important signal that proves that small towns deserve the best”, greets the mayor, happy to “welcome Aubert & Duval in the cockpit”.

“Promoting the Academic Success of Appameans”

In fact, school children will be invited to visit companies directly or indirectly connected to the world of space: Recaero, AkzoNObel, Mecaprec, Galy Frères, a subsidiary of Maestria and therefore the historic Pamiers factory. “Although we are better known for our activities related to aviation, we have a small part dedicated to space, since it is within Aubert & Duval Pamiers that the dredging of the tank for the refueling module of the Orion spacecraft under the Artemis program has been carried out .We are happy to meet young people to develop their skills and make them want to stay in Pamiers”, emphasizes Gaëlle Pengloan, communications manager at A & D.

As noted by Audrey Abadie, responsible for city policy, “the goal is to promote the academic success of Appameans”. At the head of the most important high school in the department, José Jorge agrees. “Our wish is to strengthen the young people’s appetite for science. Here, many of them choose scientific courses. And what you do is particularly motivating”, states the superintendent of Pyrène.

Planète Sciences, historic partner of CNES for 60 years, has trouble hiding its enthusiasm for the idea of ​​”participating in this local dynamic”, slipped Éric Couffin, the director, and Érick Pittard, responsible for the operational component. The “catalyst” of the operation will especially be able to count on the incredible energy – and humor! – astronauts from the Farfeloup company, loyal representatives of the city’s politics.

The members of the Farfeloups company will this Wednesday, at  14.00, be Place de La République.

The members of the Farfeloups company will this Wednesday, at 14.00, be Place de La République.

All entertainment program

To celebrate the landing of the space capsule from the Moon, events are organized by the Farfeloup company this Wednesday, at 14.00, Place de la République. It will then be necessary to wait until October 24 with the kick-off of workshops, all free, which will have until October 28 inclusive, that is, the first week of Toussaint’s school holidays. Explain it from the start registration is mandatory. For this purpose, a permanence will be set up on Monday, October 24, from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Irénée-Cros stadium, as well as the following days, at 2 p.m. The presence of parents is essential at the beginning of each workshop. The little Appameans cared for at the leisure center will participate in all these activities.

On the program for the Irénée-Cros stadium: Monday, October 24from 16:45 to 18:45, workshops “Build your space module”, “Air and water rockets”, “Satellite observation”, “Virtual exploration”, “2D to 3D”; Tuesday, October 25from 14:30 to 16:30, “GPS rally”, “Build your exploration robot”, “2D to 3D”, “Robotics initiation”, “Swimming pool training” workshops, at 16:45 in Neptunia (a fitness test of less than 6 months is mandatory); Wednesday 26 Octoberfrom 14:30 to 16:30, workshops “Satellite observation”, “Build your space module”, “Air and water rockets”, “Virtual exploration”, “GPS rally”; Thursday 27 Octoberfrom 14:30 to 16:30, “Planetarium”, “Robotic commissioning”, “Build your exploration robot” workshops, “Training in the swimming pool”, at 16:45, in Neptunia (one aptitude test less 6 months is mandatory); Friday, October 28from 14:30 to 16:30 and from 16:45 to 18:45, “Planetarium”, “Build your space module”, “Virtual exploration”, “Astronomical observation” and “Air and water rockets” workshops.

In addition, three days or evenings must be remembered: the Tuesday, October 2514.00 and 20.30, screening of the film ET by Spielberg at the cinema Les Toiles du Rex; Wednesday 26 Octoberfrom 20:00 to 23:00, astronomical observation evening on the Castella plateau; Friday, October 2818.00, the closing evening with the presentation of the prizes for the short story competition organized by the media library. But be careful: to participate, you must send a text before October 18 that completes the sentence “Without noise, while everyone was asleep, the spaceship landed in the center of the city…” More information about this competition news: 05 34 01 38 90 .

For questions about the animations of “Paniers in space”: 05 61 60 95 00.

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