Pakistan Enters The Metaverse. First Web3 Mega project in the country; Cloud City Metaverse is coming

NARSUN Studios, Pakistan’s largest Unreal Engine game studio, announces Pakistan’s first ever METAVERSE – The Cloud City Metaverse (TCCM) and the world’s eyes are on it. This marks Pakistan’s first giant leap towards Web3 and an opportunity to introduce cutting-edge companies to the country.

The Cloud City Metaverse is built on Unreal Engine 5, the most powerful engine that combines advanced graphics, hyper-realistic environments and excellent visual design along with sound, lighting, animation and other capabilities to give players an immersive experience. This is in addition to the TCCM offering, which is the culmination of everything web3 and NFT are, a complete metaverse with built-in financial functions that propel you into a parallel virtual world of digital identity and an ecosystem based on blockchain.

Cloud City is an always-on world that allows users and players to own their personal virtual land, build and rent structures, create guilds, store NFT assets, play P2E games and monetize their experience. Although free, users can choose to purchase NFTs, giving them customization and ownership of their assets.

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It is the first platform in the country where users will have complete autonomy over their content and where user generated content will be valuable. TCCM is poised to become a game-changing technology not only for everyday users but also for enterprises, for example in fintech, education, healthcare, construction and many other verticals. .

For the first time, Pakistan will compete with big names in technology in the world and we are here to witness it.

TCCM is powered by NARSUN Studios – a blockchain and game development studio working in the most exciting space right now: blockchain and NFT gamification. NARSUN does NFT design, smart contract development and implementation, custom NFT marketplaces, metaverse development, wallet development and play-to-earn game integration/ideation and implementation, NARSUN has done it all.

NARSUN Studios Founder & CEO and TCCM Co-Founder Umer Abbas discussed the project with us and said:

“My team and I have been working on Web3 projects for a while now, but it was time we also did something for our country. We want to educate our people about the beauty of this space and provide more opportunities for our country. Pakistan has always been seen as technologically illiterate, but this will be a sign to the world that we can do it too.

The project has been invited to many prestigious events around the world, including the invite-only Dubai Metaverse Assembly, where TCCM was on stage alongside names like The Sandbox and Decentraland, the biggest metaverse projects in the world and unicorn status. The Sandbox co-founders also visited the TCCM booth at the Future Blockchain Summit at Gitex in Dubai, where they enjoyed playing in the TCCM metaverse.

TCCM features

Engage with the world in a digital reality you’ve never imagined before. As the world is in recession, TCCM offers a revolutionary digital landscape where you live your way. Create and own everything in this world with TCCM creation tools. Attend or host live shows, podcasts, concerts and other events at the TCCM Entertainment Center. Set up shop in TCCM’s business enclave and give your brand exposure like never before. Dream it and you can have it.

Mustafa Jamal Iftakhar (mJ) – Co-CEO of TCCM highlighted the impact TCCM will have and said:

“The Web3 space opens up a whole plethora of opportunities for a country like Pakistan. We are convinced to move the nation forward with our Metaverse, and empower our people.

TCCM for business

TCCM aims to provide direct opportunities to Pakistani companies to become a part of web3. From Tiktokers to e-commerce stores to retail stores, there’s room for everyone in The Cloud City Metaverse.

To accelerate your business growth, see here how you can use TCCM

  • Build custom environments for your business needs or have TCCM build one for you
  • Market your products and customers in meta-glamour
  • Showcase your art at TCCM art exhibitions
  • Create and sell your NFTs on our marketplace. Go through them, meta style.
  • Create a product based on the metaverse
  • Give your customers the experience of shopping in your store while sitting at home.
  • Start your beauty shop in TCCM. The sky is the limit

Brands can come up with a new approach to help stay relevant to existing customers while attracting new ones.

Ahsan Imtiaz – CEO of TCCM and co-founder and CEO of NARSUN Studios is excited about the framework being built and had this to say:

“The huge amount of engagement and brand awareness that companies will get by using TCCM and that too in the most affordable way is amazing. We have already made a dent in the international market because of the business opportunities we offer and the graphics we create to do so We hope our people will soon jump on the bandwagon and be the trendsetters this time.

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