Metaverse: what is the real depth of this new paradigm?

In a matter of days, the word Metaverse appeared in the eyes of the largest number after the “expected” announcement from Mark Zuckerberg. The content created since then on this theme is (very, very) numerous, so much so that everything has been mixed up, especially two key concepts: virtual reality and augmented reality.

It is clear that Covid was the best PR agency in the Metaverse since our daily newspapers have been (are?) limited to a few hundred square meters.

The Metaverse has also been identified as ” GAFAM playground “… like almost everything, right? Let’s discover below the true extent of these new paradigms of still unfathomable limbo.

5G, 1984, disconnection from reality: panic of semantic panic 3.0

The ability of some to connect the hot topics of the moment is an automaticity that has always fascinated me.

Fact about donning a helmet to explore a new paradigm gets a lot of ink flowingand this on the part of nihilists, neo-philosophers and other feathers who do not assume an announced technological break.

Let’s keep it simple: The Metaverse is a ” Second Life » (which was also a “social” ancestor of Facebook) greatly improved by mixing a persistent virtual universe and an expanded universe (Pokemon Go type). All in a space-time continuum (Interstellar mode enabled) where the actions of the “virtual” enjoin the “real” world.

Also “small difference”, this time the Metaverse will not be reserved for a few million geeks around the world. The latter has taken over, according to Sheldon Cooper (got it?).

Which sectors will be affected by Metaverse (and Web 3.0)?

I would be tempted to tell you all, but let’s get things straight. According to Mark himself, he indicates that mass adoption would take 3-5 years while stating that this timing is … “conservative” (see the video here with the excellent GaryVee).

What key steps?

  • An adoption in the first instance by the professionals (as crypto assets in general)
  • That solution to the eternal technical problem for the augmented reality part (we all remember the Google fiasco Glasses). Note that tests will be performed on connected contact lenses… and let’s not forget Facebook’s acquisition of Occulus, sorry, Meta a few years ago 😉

My top 3: Play2earn, fitness and training (and MANY other industries)

Play2earn, what is it?

Play2earn’s world, namely playing video games to achieve financial profithas already exploded for several months among players. The big hit was of course Axie Infinitybut beautiful projects like Star Atlas and Thetan Arena are more than promising.

Remember the integration of NFTs into these games to equip people, make them stronger or even dress them up (among tons of options).

Another key point in relation to Play2earn, ecosystems such as Sand box, Decentralized country, and in another register Roblox, are experiencing an explosion of opportunities (and their prices in the crypto market). I am thinking especially of recent examples such as the integration of Gucci on Roblox or even this Lancôme virtual store. On these platforms it is also possible to make your own games. Imagine the potential for brands…

Fitness 3.0

Another use of Metaverse that in the industry of fitness. In fact (almost) no need to go to the gym anymore. You connect your glasses, where your trainer will appear and dictate the pace and the exercises to be performed. No more excuses.

Training of all kinds

Finally, Metaverse is bound to be a game changer in the training world. Just like serious games, but also from the excellent Winkyverse project (100% French), learning has never been easier. No more excuses (bis).

bonus numbers

Another industry that will (again) change, of the music industry. Actually between projects of streaming++ such as Audius, UOS and Theta, or the fact NTF ices a cut like Booba (who made Harvard for those who doubt his business intelligence), all the cards are re-dealt.

In summary, Metaverse is much more than a few weeks of hype.

2 (modest) tips:

  • Like the blockchain world (which will be more than connected to the Metaverse), avoid falling behind in understanding this world. Because the web’s digital divide is a hole compared to this future technological Grand Canyon.
  • Of course, Metaverse is a model freemium. Don’t worry, you will remain the product on the shelf…

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