Meta: The Horizon World’s Metaverse is so bad that even its creators don’t use it

News hardware Meta: The Horizon World’s Metaverse is so bad that even its creators don’t use it

Yet pushed as the future of a brilliant metaverse by Mark Zuckerberg, Horizon Worlds, the application dedicated to the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, excites no one. Not even the developers who worked on it, much to the chagrin of their boss.

Do you find Horizon Worlds, Meta’s virtual reality social network, of more than limited interest? Don’t worry, you’re far from the only one who thinks this. And it’s probably even worse than you imagine: in fact, it turns out that even the development team for this app, which runs on the Meta Quest 2 headset, doesn’t enjoy using it.

Still considered as the flagship application of Metaverse’s metaverseHorizon Worlds is riddled with bugs and doesn’t meet the quality standards you’d expect such an ambitious project. According to the website
The edgewho published a murderous investigation of the subjectthe platform struggles to find the right tone and one of the reasons for this would be how little faith the developers have in this project.

“Look how much fun we’re having!”

The media reports information from internal Meta documents which indicate that Horizon World’s development team is reluctant to use their own product. “For many of us, we don’t spend much time in Horizon, and our dogfooding dashboards show that pretty clearly”stresses an internal memo from Vishal Shah, the vice president of metaverse at Meta.

What is dog food?

In the world of development, dogfooding is a principle which, for a developer, consists of actively using a product that he works to put himself in the shoes of the end user. That way, he can see the weaknesses and thus work to improve them.

” Why? Why don’t we like the product we built so much that we use it all the time? The simple truth is, if we don’t like it, how can we expect our users to like it ? »he adds, for his teams.

The situation is so problematic that the metaverse division of Meta works a new way of managingto “making leaders accountable”. In other words, developers will have to use their product, willingly or unwillingly. “Everyone in this organization should make it their mission to fall in love with Horizon Worlds. You can’t without using it. Get in there. Organize times to do this with your colleagues or friends, both in the internal builds, but also in the public build so you can interact with our community.”

A communication that suggests, between the lines, a bad will on the part of the developers, but also a particularly toxic handling of the situation : the metaverse, you like it or you leave it, in short.

“Come on, there’s even the Eiffel Tower!”

Meta: The Horizon World's Metaverse is so bad that even its creators don't use it

The big question that remains unanswered is: Why do the developers of Meta’s metaverse seem to so strongly reject the application that has already occupied them for quite some time?

The answer may well lie in an ever-changing roadmap, shifts in direction that have forced developers to rethink months of work, and generally speaking, in a rather vague vision of how Horizon Worlds should be in the future.

necessarily this is enough to demotivate people whose job it is to bring to life virtual worlds that are comfortable, stable and interesting over time. A few days before the next Meta Connect conference, which will be held on October 11, such an observation risks tarnishing the course of Meta’s ambitions. Especially since its boss, Mark Zuckerberg, remains convinced that the future of the Internet lies in virtual reality and mixed reality. It’s hard to believe that he manages to massively lead the general public down this path when we see that even his own development teams at their current stage seem to be having trouble following in his footsteps.

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