Marvel wants you to forget these 10 mistakes

Even the MCU can be wrong despite its track record over the years! Evidenced by these inconsistencies that have crept into the history of the Marvel Universe.

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The Marvel universe tries to maintain consistency despite the many productions. Both in the cinema and on the small screen with the series mainly broadcast on Disney+. Marvel Studios makes a point of having a perfect pitch by preparing its plans over several years. Except sometimes small grains of sand disturb this well-oiled machine. Discrepancies that have crept into history and that some don’t necessarily notice.

Here are 10 examples of the little mistakes present in the MCU timeline.

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10/ Inconsistency in Tony Stark’s death

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Everyone has Tony Stark’s death on their minds Avengers: Endgame. The billionaire arms dealer who sowed death redeems himself by sacrificing his own life to save the galaxy. No one will say it’s a mistake, but…

IN Infinity War, Wanda destroys the Spirit Stone of Vision. Except Thanos uses his Time Stone to revive the hero by going back in time to get his gem. without disturbing the timeline. This is exactly what the Avengers could do to bring Tony Stark back!

Doctor Strange has seen all the alternatives to the fight against Thanos, isn’t there a multiverse where Iron Man can come back to life thanks to this technique?

9/ The rules change regarding the Infinity Stones and the glove

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The Infinity Stones and the Glove seem to change the rules from movie to movie. If a stone cannot be held by a human, it is possible when it is held in Guardians of the Galaxy. IN Avengers: Endgameto wear the glove reasons intense pain in Hulk who nonetheless has immense power in comparison to other heroes.

It is doubtful that Clint Barton is able to hold the gauntlet without suffering. Without forgetting other heroes like Spider-Man or Black Panther. Even worse, Tony Stark gets it on with all the stones!

8/ Peter Parker’s age

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Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place in 2016, like Captain America: Civil War which marks the hero’s first appearance. The introduction of Homecoming takes place in 2012 after the events of the first avengers.

Four years separate these periods, but right after the first scene, Spider-Man: Homecoming attach an ellipse of 8 years instead of 4. The timeline is warped!

But that’s not all! Peter Parker appears in Iron Man 2under an Iron Man mask when he was only 10 years old in 2011. So i Spider-Man: Homecomingthe young man must be 15 years of age.

7/ The inconsistency at the end of Avengers: Endgame with Steve Rogers

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By the exit ofAvengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers makes a drastic decision. The one who doesn’t have to return to the MCU’s main timeline, the present day, to leave his love with Peggy Carter. Captain America remains in the past at the end of World War II. Except that conclusion violates the franchise’s time travel rules.

If Cap remained in this past, he must have created a different timeline than his own. So impossible for Steve Rogers, aging, to find Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson later in the present timeline.

6/ The Infinity Gauntlet appeared in the first Thor

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Primarily Thor, viewers can quickly spot the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s chest. Later, i Thor: Ragnarok, Hela breaks it. The reason ? This is a copy of this artifact that Thanos has. But knowing that the Infinity Gauntlet was designed for Thanos in Avengers: Age of Ultron, why are there years before i Thor ? Did Odin see the future and the creation of this object?

However, remember that there are multiple versions of the Infinity Gauntlet, this one may have been forged as ” sample », the result of Eitri’s attempt to create it.

5/ Mjolnir gives power… or not?

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Mjolnir can only be held by someone who proves himself worthy of it. IN Thor: Ragnarok, Hela destroys the Norse God’s Hammer. We will be told that Thor’s powers don’t come from the weapon. However, Avengers: Endgame completely contradicts this explanation when Steve Rogers uses Mjolnir. Captain America is capable to throw lightning with!

However, Thor: Ragnarok has this ability as inherent in Thor, his hammer shall not give him this power.

4/ Sharon Carter doesn’t know her uncle

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Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter live their love by Avengers: Endgame. But before that, Captain America thought he stayed in the future. Then he begins a romantic relationship with Sharon CarterPeggy Carter’s niece!

But knowing that Steve Rogers decided to stay in the past to live his great love with Peggy Carter, why Sharon Carter is unaware that he has been married to his aunt all these years ?

3/ The manager doesn’t really exist anymore

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The Incredible Hulk may be one of the MCU movies, but Marvel wants to literally erase its existence. In addition to totally changing Bruce Banner’s personality by replacing Edward Norton with Mark Ruffalo, the inconsistency comes from Samuel Sterns. This character, destined to become the leader, is hit by the same rays as the superhero, and during a scene, his skull grows making him the famous villain known to Marvel fans.

Except the character returns Captain America: New World Order also embodied by another actor. Julius Onah succeeds Tim Blake! Inconsistency or continued deletion of The Incredible Hulk of the MCU timeline? We’ll let you judge! Still, Tim Roth reprized his role as Abomination in she sobbed and Shang Chi.

2/ Tony Stark is not a big environmentalist!

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Well, this is a bit forced, but it’s for fun. Tony Stark showed us that his arc reactor is a huge source of energy. This component reproduces that of the Tesseract with several versions, one of which was miniaturized by Tony Stark after the model designed by his father Howard Stark (with Anton Vanko).

Knowing that Tony Stark is a billionaire, but above all capable of producing an arc reactor, why not share it with humanity to create unlimited energy? It is imagined that several reactors can power entire industries and cities. Much better than our nuclear power plants!

1/ Get Phil Coulson back!

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Early viewers love Phil Coulson. A friendly SHIELD agent who is always there to help the Avengers. We see it in the movies Iron Man of phase 1 and then in Thor and finally in avengers where Loki pierces his heart. Except that the Marvel series: Agents of SHIELD shows us that Phil Coulson was taken care of! Why doesn’t anyone refer to this popular character in the rest of the MCU anymore?

Especially since the series now seems to have a place in mythology. Same Inhumanhowever coldly received with only one season, fits in Doctor Strange 2 via the multiverse and the presence of Black Bolt.

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