Madwoman equipped with two teenagers, van hit on the highway … The various facts about this Tuesday in Auvergne

Two teenagers aged 16 and 17 were arrested by the gendarmes at the weekend after a series of crimes. Their crazy adventure would have started on Saturday at 06:00 with the theft of a car in the town of Nohanent. Vehicle they leave after causing an accident. The duo then fled before stealing and attempting to burn, this time, a tool, still in the town of Nohanent. When the gendarmes of the Chamalières brigade discover it, its cargo, namely portable electrical equipment, has disappeared. He will not be found. The soldiers on the other hand, together with their colleagues from Psig and the research brigade, took a short time to identify and get their hands on the two young suspects, one living in Clermont-Ferrand, the other in Cournon – from Auvergne. They will be released at the end of their custody and will face charges of grand theft, driving without a license and hit and run in youth court on November 25.

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A Vinci Autoroutes intervention vehicle hit the A89

An intervention vehicle was hit on Tuesday at the beginning of the afternoon on the A89 in the direction of Clermont-Ferrand, between the junctions Thiers west and Lezoux. The van was struck by another vehicle while parked in the right lane, protecting a broken down truck on the hard shoulder, despite the activated signaling devices. No injuries are to be regretted, the Vinci Autoroutes employee was outside his vehicle at the time of the collision.

In a press release, the motorway company reminds that this is the 47th vehicle hit on its network since the start of the year (compared to 40 for the whole of 2021) and asks all motorists to “redouble vigilance when approaching intervention vehicles “.

Drunk driving series in Clermont-Ferrand.

Two drivers who were driving while intoxicated were arrested by the police on Monday night. The first, shortly after midnight, tried to escape them by leaving the parking lot of the Galaxie residence. His car was blocked by a pavement, rue Fontgiève. He tried to run away again. But the police quickly caught him. This 26-year-old young man was driving over his alcohol limit, under the influence of drugs, without a license and in possession of cocaine. He is called back to the police station. The other driver, 29, was arrested later that night on rue Blatin. He had 1.12 g/l of alcohol in his blood. He too is called back.


A car hits a tree between Deux-Chaises and Le Montet

A traffic accident occurred on Monday 17 October on the D945 between Deux-Chaises and Le Montet. Around 3:30 p.m., a 57-year-old motorist who lives in Le Montet dozed off into a straight line. Her car swerved and she ended her run against a tree on the shoulder. Slightly injured, the driver was transported to Moulins Hospital Center for a check-up.

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