Kas Saed’s parallel world

Saturday 15 October 2022, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a 48-month extended agreement with Tunisia worth 1.9 billion Two days later, on October 17, 2022, the President of the Republic, Kaïs, arrived Said spoke with the head of government, Najla Bouden. Several actors on the political scene were impatiently waiting for the publication of the official press release of the Presidency of the Republic to find out what the head of state had to say after the conclusion of this agreement, he who had praised so much for the country’s sovereignty and its financial independence.

HAVE to everyone’s surprise, not a single word has been said about this milestone event. The head of state has chosen, once again and very late, to evoke Zarzi’s drama. Once again the president makes us feel this huge gap between the Tunisia we know and what he talks about. We will use the term again because the president is illustrated in the thing.

While everyone cried famine and warned against the deterioration of the country’s economic situation and its food security, the head of state, Kaïs Said was preoccupied with the drafting of the new constitution, the holding of the referendum and the revision of the electoral law. Things he could have achieved since the announcement of his coup on July 25, 2021. It would have been enough for him to create a commission of experts, political personalities or even of his followers, who would have been tasked with preparing and publishing any text necessary for the implementation of his political project. However, the President has chosen to fight mysterious enemies who hide in the shadows and monopolize food and goods, even those monopolized by the state! This allowed us to enjoy a raid he himself had made. He had targeted iron and potato stocks. It will later be discovered that there was nothing irregular or illegal in these places and that one of them was storing goods ordered by the state. Everything the President had said and passed on to his followers was an illusion!

This campaign against speculators has been going on for months, alongside a shortage that is gaining ground. We had come to stand in front of empty and completely deserted shelves. The products have completely disappeared from our daily lives. For his part, Kais Said did not flinch. He continued to make accusations and divide Tunisians. He had confirmed on several occasions that political parties were behind this shortage. Wholesalers, traders and several experts and representatives of trade unions and professional organizations did not attempt to respond. Nevertheless, the farce lasted too long. They all ended up speaking out and addressing consumers to explain to them that there were no speculators hiding in the shadows, but that the state was no longer able to pay its suppliers and guarantee the supply of the Tunisian market. In the meantime, and while real battles over sugar and other basic products had broken out in the supermarkets, the head of state chose to fight another battle: prepare the election measures. Quay Said has shown once again that he was not aware of the gravity of the situation and that his order of priorities differed from that of the Tunisian people.

And to return to our sad reality, let us once again address the issue of Zarzis. The sinking of a boat with 18 passengers including a baby occurred on September 18, 2022. During the following days, fishermen who had gone in search of migrants or others simply engaged in their economic activity began to discover bodies at sea. Through this tragedy, we discovered the shocking attitude of the governor of Medenine, who had even insulted the inhabitants of Zarzis. He also affixed his signature to documents used for the burial of castaways Tunisians in the sea of ​​Africa. It is a cemetery used to bury unidentified foreign migrants who died while crossing the Mediterranean. Burial must follow well-defined procedures, including DNA analysis to confirm that they are foreign migrants and does not of Tunisians. The news sparked outrage and anger among local citizens and the families of the deceased. A day of anger and protests erupted in the region.

Several appeals have been made to the Presidency of the Republic and to the Presidency of the Government, but in vain! Meanwhile, Kais Said was worried through revision of the Electoral Act. After this he resumed his famous fight against the mysterious speculators, but this time due to the lack of fuel. During the past two weeks, the head of state has not attended any of his four meetings Najla Bouden took place from October 1 to 11, 2022, addressed the issue. We will have understood again that the president lived in another reality parallel to our. The question of the situation in Zarzis and the drama experienced by the inhabitants of the region was only addressed by Carthage on October 14, that is, almost a month after the shipwreck and two weeks after the discovery of the burial of a Tunisian teenager in the cemetery dedicated to unidentified foreign migrants.

Subsequently, and instead of going there, comforting the inhabitants and reassuring the families of the victims, the Tunisian executive preferred to hide behind the walls in the pleasure of Carthage. The government would have been tainted by this parallel world syndrome or in too much of a hurry to make a deal with the IMF. HAVE Barely an hour after the fund was announced, the news made the rounds in the media. This was an expected event to alleviate the crisis. It would therefore be quite logical for the President of the Republic, who never ceases to insist on his determination to improve the economic situation, to speak about it. But none of this happened. The head of state has chosen to maintain this discrepancy and to talk about Zarzis weeks after the tragedy. We will certainly take two to three weeks to be eligible for a press release or a small statement from the President of the Republic talking about this deal.

Sophie Ghoubantini

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