In Ecully, the Paul Bocuse Institute is now life’s 2 castles for students –

Text: Marco Polisson – Located at 27, chemin du Trouillat, in Ecully, opposite Château du Vivier, Château de La Roseraie was purchased by the Paul Bocuse Institute, which will integrate it into its expanded campus. Culinary and hospitality students will now be welcomed at both properties.

Our loyal readers already know this house, whose story we told you in the magazine Lyon people special Ecully, published in June 2011. Ten years later we had the privilege of visiting in preview, together with our colleagues from the Lyon press, the pharaonic construction site for the transformation of this residence, which is preparing to welcome students from Paul Bocuse Institute.

Dominique Giraudier in front of the amphitheater fresco was created by artist Andy Duret

Our guide is called Dominique Giraudier, executive director of the Paul Bocuse Institute. It was he who oversaw the purchase of the property from the Association Comite Commun Activities Sanitaires et Sociales. Since 1960, the date of its purchase from the heirs of silk The pay, the house renamed Center Henri Gormand, welcomed 70 young disabled people. And as we saw in 2010, it had been badly damaged by its transformation into semi-hospital housing.

“We want to immerse our students in a unique place to make them dream” Dominique Giraudier

The arrival of the IPB thus marks the beginning of the third life of this residence built in 1857. “We are proud to participate in the rescue of this important element of the Écullois heritage” can rightly announce Dominique Giraudier. Three years of work under the guidance of the architect Mathias Soulier and 15 million euros (property + development) will have been needed to restore it to its former glory and project it into the 21st century.

Excavation work 15 meters deep was necessary to bury the new buildings and classrooms in front of the castle Louis Payen

Combining modernity and tradition has always been the guiding principle of IPB. The rose garden now finds itself adorned with two modern wings, which are only the tip of the buried iceberg that lies directly above the facade on the park side. The workers excavated the ground more than 15 meters high to accommodate 22 classrooms and an amphitheater. Financial support from 20 corporate sponsors and the Foundation Gerard Pelisson (co-founder of the school with Paul Bocusenote) was decisive.

The great living room and dining room during our visit on October 12, 2022

Carried out by companies from the AURA region, this work is truly spectacular. If it is likely that the new modern buildings can already accommodate students, the castle itself is still an empty shell. In the large living room, the dining room, the bedrooms, only the load-bearing walls remain and this has a funny effect. Woodwork, frames and staves have been removed while the frames are being renovated. It is at the end of 2022 that it should have found its decorative trim again in the spirit of the times.

The great living room photographed by Lyon People in December 2010

Intended to accommodate hotel and restaurant students, La Roseraie is part of a €37 million global project aimed at the overall redevelopment of the campus to make it the most beautiful school in the world. Culinary arts and pastry will remain at Château du Vivier. “We have a bit of catching up with Lausanne to do. We have no choice, to stay in the global competition, we have to grow. To stand out, IPB practices “reasonable” tuition fees: 10 to 12,000 euros per year (compared to 60,000 euros per year in Lausanne).

The castle is now surrounded by two modern extensions

Eventually, 1,500 students will be welcomed to this new site over the next 6 years, increasing the IPB campus in Ecully to 2,500 students (including nearly 300 scholarship holders). IPB welcomes 42 nationalities (a third of the workforce), the majority of which come from Asia, where the French art of living is always a dream. And Dominique Giraudier to insist that the Paul Bocuse Institute remain “a business school”, which is contested by Jerome Bocuse (read his interview here).

But this stumbling block, like the ongoing trial between the son of Mr. Paul and was not on the menu on the day of this site visit.

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