Hulk, hero or threat in Captain America 4?

The tracks pile up around Captain America: New World Order and point more and more to the possibility that Marvel included the Hulk in the adventure.

All of Hollywood will eventually have a role in the MCU, unexpected actors and actresses have already joined the Marvel Universe such as Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter SoldierGlenn Close in Guardians of the Galaxy or Sylvester Stallone in his sequel. And if we would have liked some to save themselves the career gap of landing in the superhero franchise (why Christian Bale? Why?), the arrival of Harrison Ford in Captain America: New World Order is as surprising as it is interesting in terms of history.

Because with all the clues piling up around this Captain America 4including the presence of the Han Solo actor, there is reason to believe that the Hulk is in the game.

“Chewie, another franchise.”

red crazy

The legend of the cinema will arrive in the MCU for the fourth part of the tribulations of Captain America, now Sam Wilson played by Anthony Mackie, in a role already known from the saga: General Thaddeus Ross. The character was previously portrayed by the late William Hurt who played the role in The Incredible Hulk in 2008, to resume it in Captain America: Civil War, Infinity War and Final gameas well as Black Widow. Thaddeus Ross was quite secondary and allowed continuity between all the films as many satellite characters such as Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) or Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

The Incredible Hulk: photo, William Hurt, Tim RothTim Roth and William Hurt at the start of the MCU

So after the actor’s passing, Ross disappearing with him didn’t really disrupt the MCU. Overturning the character of Ford in the role could mean that he will gain prominence and so come up with more exciting stories. General Ross has been a fierce antagonist of the Hulk in the comics since the hero’s first appearance in 1962. He would later become the Red Hulk in 2008 with the goal of defeating Bruce Banner on the day he returns to Earth following his banishment by Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mr Fantastic, Charles Xavier and Black Bolt in anticipation of what will be the howl of world war.

Ross would later even become the head of a new team of Thunderbolts, with that name also being his nickname. The team consists of Marvel’s elite assassins (and we would have preferred them to the gang that the MCU offers for its film. Thunderbolts), as there is Agent Venom, Deadpool, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Mercy and the red version Leader. Since Harrison Ford is also slated for casting Thunderboltsthis further confirms that Thaddeus Ross will be a more regular face in the MCU.

marvel: comicsJust as quiet as the green version

Code green

Despite this, this justifies the assumption that Hulk is in it Captain America 4 ? Naturally. Recently, the latest episode of she sobbed introduced us, with the subtlety of a kick to the parts, Hulk’s son, Skaar. Its presence indicates that the Green Colossus will soon be on the front of the stage, and the comics of the event the howl of world war would be a great opportunity to restore charisma to the character. In this crossover, the Hulk becomes a global threat that no superhero can stop. Captain America 4 could bring the war that Hulk starts in a completely different way.

Samuel Sterns/the leader, presents cards i The Incredible Hulk and played by Tim Blake Nelson, just had to come back Captain America 4. The big-headed villain could be the source of the Hulk’s anger surge, forcing his former ally Captain America to go up against Marvel’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the event that Minty Goliath becomes unstoppable, this will warrant extreme measures to stop it, and including the need for Thunderbolts Ross to become the Red Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk: Photo The LeaderEveryone forgot about it, but it was there from the start

We can assume that all this mess serves the leader’s true plan: a new world order which would begin with an army of Hulks to crush Banner and establish himself as a necessary force. In the comics, Stern and Ross are members of the Intelligencia., the organization of incels who go after She-Hulk in her lame streak and recover from her blood. The sample may be enough to create other Hulks, starting with Ross. Intelligencia is also a good collection of masculinists who have stayed in she sobbedso we wouldn’t be surprised by thatthey are also frustrated to see a black Captain Americawhich makes it possible to reach our idea of ​​a Captain America 4 Politics.

Captain America: New World Order would therefore not be a film about Captain America as much as about the Hulk, which had already been done Civil war spend more for one Avengers 2.5 than a film about the Sentinel of Freedom. But the film’s protagonist would always be Cap’, what doesn’t bring Marvel into conflict with Universal which prevents a solo film Hulk without sharing the benefits. In any case, here are a bunch of theories that, if verified, could make for a great spectacle movie marking the comeback of the Incredible Hulk.

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