How to store the dressing room to optimize the space? 7 TikTok videos for a structured wardrobe

The temperatures are dropping more and more and the time has come to reorganize your wardrobe by bringing clothes and accessories forward to autumn/winter. Certainly a task that becomes a real headache in most cases. How to store the dressing room to optimize the space according to the folding methods that are currently a hit on TikTok? Focus on the videos of Lennia or the queen of folding, who gives us tips and tricks that promise to change our lives, and especially our dressing rooms!

Learn to sort before you clean up the dressing room

Is your dressing room full of clothes and accessories that are rarely used or completely forgotten? It is therefore the perfect time to adopt the minimalist wardrobe trend that is gaining many followers throughout the moment. In other words, you have to arrange it so that you only keep what is strictly necessary. So keep the outfits that are worn often and the ones that make you happy. As for old clothes or those that you no longer want to wear, it is better to donate them to charities. So when the sorting is done, you can now continue to store your dressing room in a space-saving way. To succeed, we especially depend on the folding tips signed Lennia McCarter!

how to clean up the dressing room to optimize the space TikTok tips videos folding queen

Do you know that every third person, before going out, rushes to look for their clothes in the dressing room daily? Does this situation sound familiar to you? So you know that in most cases the dressing room ends up being messy. Therefore, it is difficult to find the right parts and the loss of time is at the meeting. Which dressing room storage tip should you prefer to succeed in this task effortlessly and save space? Decryption in TikTok videos of the super effective methods of LENNIA “Folding Queen”!

The ultimate method of folding jackets

You are probably used to hanging your jackets and blazers on hangers and this is completely normal. However, it is better to reserve the clothes racks for larger coats and fold your other jackets in the way below. Result: a small cube that is easy to store without taking up too much space.

@lenniamc How to fold a jacket for storage or travel #folding #foldinghacks #homehacks ♬ Choo Choo – VT Yellow

The following dressing storage tips apply to T-shirts, which generally don’t take up too much space, but can make a mess. Lennia’s TikTok video shows how to fold them in under 10 seconds!

@lenniamc How to fold a T-shirt #foldinghacks #homehacks #foldingclothes ♬ Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond) – Fort Minor

What to do with hoodies and sweatshirts?

Autumn-winter essentials, hoodies and sweatshirts are bulky and tend to clutter up the wardrobe. The following video shows three easy folding ways to save more space in the dressing room.

@lenniamc Reply to @hihell10 How to fold hoodies 3 ways #foldetøj #foldehacks #laundrytok ♬ original sound – Lazz

We fold jeans in less than 5 seconds!

Organizing the dressing room has never been easier thanks to the tips of the “Queen of Folding”, who is a hit on TikTok. In one of her many videos, Lennia shows us how to fold jeans in just three movements. This smart item is also ideal for storing trousers in the dressing room.

@lenniamc How to fold jeans into shelves #foldinghacks #homehacks #homeorganization ♬ Woman – BoA

Learn how to hang jumpsuits and maxi dresses

Hangers are the ideal accessory for storing jumpsuits and long dresses in the dressing room. However, it is important to do it correctly! How exactly? So count two hangers to a room and let the instructions below guide you! An excellent tip for optimizing space, as storage of this kind allows you to install extra shelves under the clothes rack.

@lenniamc How to hang jumpsuit and maxi dress up #foldinghacks #foldinglaundry #foldingtutorials ♬ MAMACITA – Black Eyed Peas

Believe it or not, there are even super efficient ways to fold lingerie in the ultimate space saving way. Once your underwear is folded, you can place it either in a drawer or in a dressing storage box for a well-organized and structured space. The first video illustrates the folding of women’s underwear, while the second is dedicated to men’s boxers.

@lenniamc This is a great way to maximize space in your underwear drawers #foldingqueen #homehacks ♬ kiss me more – sound <3
@lenniamc How to fold boxers #underwear #homehacks #foldingclothes ♬ Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone

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