Give your business visibility with Google My Business Give your business visibility with Google My Business

For several years, the American digital giant has brought together, under the name “Google My Business”, the various solutions that it has made available to businesses to help them become easier to find on its search engine and on its websites. Presentation of this simple and free service.

Personal searches…

When the terms used to search for a business are sufficiently precise (Dupont butcher in Paris, Durand accounting firm in Brive) and the latter is registered on Google My Business, a frame appears on the right of the results page. A frame within which the name of the company, its profession, a brief description of the goods it sells or the services it offers, its address and its telephone numbers appear. In order to make it easier for customers to get to the company’s premises, an overview of its location on Google Maps is also offered, as well as, if applicable, its opening hours. Presentation images, the address of the company’s website when there is one (it is not necessary to have a website to create a Google My Business listing) or customer opinions and comments can also take place in this context.

… and searches by sector

In case the identification is only indirect (by performing a search by sector of the type: “restaurants La Rochelle”, for example), a list of La Rochelle restaurants (name, address, photo, etc.) will appear at the top of the results page .) is preceded by an overview of their location on Google Maps. All you have to do is click on one of them to see their Google My Business listing.

Some additional services

In addition to the information already mentioned, in these presentation frames there is a button to calculate and display a route to reach the company’s premises. When using a smartphone, another button next to it allows you to call your phone number directly. You should also know that these presentation sheets are also available via Google Maps.

How to register?

To register, simply connect to the dedicated website ( ) and click “Manage”. At the end of the first steps of the investigation aimed at identifying and locating the company, it is necessary to specify whether it welcomes customers in its premises or whether it offers its services in another way. Finally, enter your name, contact information and occupation. A validation phase follows that allows Google to verify the reality of the information entered.

Specifically, once the file creation request is completed and before it is put online, Google services will verify that the person performing the procedures has the right to do so. The goal is to prevent third parties from creating or managing the Google My Business listing for a business that they do not own or manage. After instructing the file, Google sends the applicant a code that allows activation of the account. Once the account is activated, all that remains is to feed it with news and other images.

Clarification: it is important not to forget to update the opening hours, to change the photos regularly and to respond to customer comments. These various actions that bring the page to life are taken into account by Google in its natural reference criteria.

Validate a business that is already present on Google My Business

Google uses data from various directories to create Google My Business listings. It is therefore quite possible to find an existing sheet in one’s own company name during a query launched on this engine. In this case, the statement is “You are the owner of this business?” displayed on the map. If you click on the latter to take control of its management, the same verification procedures as those involved in creating a file will be launched by Google services before granting you account management rights.

Clarification: In the event that a third party has managed to create or successfully claim a file presenting a business to which it has no rights, Google offers a set of procedures that enable the corrupted rights holder to regain control of its registry.

A statistical tool

Google My Business also offers a statistics tool to count and analyze Internet users’ visits to the presentation form. In addition to the total number of visits made at a given time, this tool makes it possible to measure the type of information consulted (profile information, photos, published posts), the interactions that this content has generated (comments, content sharing actions, etc.). ), but also the number of clicks on route requests, the search terms used by Internet users or the number of clicks to access the company’s website when there is one.

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