Epic Games studio invests in Hadean to develop metaverse technologies

Hadean, a company specializing in the development of technologies related to the metaverse and Web3, has managed to raise $30 million. Epic Games, the successful studio that shows increasing interest in these virtual worlds, participated at the round table.

Hadean raises $30 million for the metaverse

The British start-up Hadeanwith a specialty in the development of Metaverse and Web3 technologiesjust raised $30 million in a Series A funding round.

The financing was led by European venture capital firm Molten Ventures together with 2050 Capital, Alumni Ventures, Aster Capital, Entrepreneur First and InQTel.

Epic games, the video game studio behind the 3D engine Unreal Engine and the hit game Fortnite, were also among the investors. This is the second financial support from Epic Games for Hadean, with the studio already paying him help in the form of “MegaGrant” last year, a kind of support reserved for developers using Unreal Engine.

Epic Games’ interest in the metaverse is therefore not new, especially when we remember their colossal $2 billion fundraising last April for this purpose. in which the giants Sony and Kirby had participatedthe company behind the Lego toy line.

Little Markthe vice president of the Unreal Engine ecosystem, emphasized the importance of Hadean’s presence to the development of the metaverse:

“Hadean’s computing power will provide the necessary infrastructure as we work to create a scalable metaverse. The company’s technology complements Epic Games’ Unreal Engine by enabling massive amounts of concurrent users and unlocking new tools for creators and developers. »

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The metaverse infrastructure

Although the name is still relatively unknown to the general public, Hadean has already brought its technology and infrastructure for big names like Microsoft, Minecraft or Sony.

Among his achievements, Hadean was able to gather 14,000 players in the world of Eve Online in one place. This technological achievement is the fruit of a collaboration with MMO video game developer CCP Games.

According to Craig BeddisCEO of Hadean, our future will definitely be at the intersection of the physical world and these virtual worlds:

“Hadean’s mission is to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds to help us make better decisions and ultimately improve the quality of our lives in the physical world. […] But we believe the real success and mass adoption of the metaverse will be based on how easily creators can build their own experiences at scale by leveraging open and robust Metaverse-as-a-Service technologies. »

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Source: Hadean

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