electric, hydrogen, inspired small cars… and a very protected president

A 4L under anabolic? At the 2022 Paris Motor Show, which opens its doors to the public this Tuesday in Paris, Renault unveiled the 4ever (pronounced forever, “always” in English), its concept car that heralds the electric 4L of the future. If we find a small face of the small car to do everything that sells more than 8 million copies, it has required a few hundred pounds of muscle and luxury. Looks like an SUV from intergalactic times. The version marketed in 2025 will, we hope, be more sober.

Sober does not mean sad. Microlino is here to prove it. The small quadricycle from the Swiss manufacturer Micro, known for its electric scooters, is a delicious toy that puts you in a good mood. Its name is inspired by Topolino (“little mouse”), the Italian name for the Fiat 500 (first period), and its appearance by the Isetta, known as the “yogurt pot”, a legendary wagon from the 1950s. Microlino shares with it the opening from the front, like a refrigerator, but with a base price of 15,000 euros, probably not the popular clientele.

The sequel after the ad

Microlino, Swiss electric quadricycle of Italian inspiration. (DR)

After the city dwellers, the “rural”

Dacia does not present anything new this year, but the French brand recalls that its spring, marketed in 2021, holds in the category of electric city cars for less than 20,000 euros (for a real car, not a toy).

We know the city cars, these small cars designed for the city. From now on we can talk about rural areas. Killow, known as “the car” (yes, that’s its official name), is a feather-light electric car (350 kg) with the fake air of the Mini-Moke, perfect – according to its designers – for local roads and forest trails.

Killow la Bagnole, a French electric featherweight.
Killow la Bagnole, a French electric featherweight. (CLAIRE FLEURY FOR “THE OBS”)

Its fuel? Electric batteries in… jerry cans, 4×4 style for the bush. We haven’t tested it, but we can easily imagine driving a buggy without noise or, more usefully, fetching wood without polluting. A dream for under 10,000 euros for green country dwellers who can’t do everything on a bicycle.

Chinese Tesla

Another event at the World Cup and of a completely different scale: the massive arrival of Chinese manufacturers with electric models that have many assets to seduce the Europeans.

The sequel after the ad

Han, electric sedan from Chinese manufacturer BYD at the Paris Motor Show in Porte de Versailles on October 17, 2022.
Han electric sedan from Chinese manufacturer BYD at the Paris Motor Show in Porte de Versailles on October 17, 2022. (MUSTAFA YALCIN / ANADOLU AGENCY VIA AFP)

At the top of the range, the BYD Han is a kind of Tesla model L, but much cheaper (72,000 euros against 100,000 euros for the American one). In the urban category, the Ora Cat is very crisp with its cartoon Porsche Panamera look. It is precisely the designer of this Porsche who designed it…

Not everything is electric on the Mondial. There are a few hybrids, including a new one from Peugeot, the 408. Above all, we see hydrogen models that make you want to take the leap into this technology.

The president, electrical ambitions and… the French company Hopium

Hopium Machina, French hydrogen sedan.
Hopium Machina, French hydrogen sedan. (CLAIRE FLEURY FOR “THE OBS”)

During his visit to the show, Emmanuel Macron recalled his ambition for electric vehicles: to see 2 million electric cars produced in France by 2030. This did not prevent him from boarding the star of the day, the ‘Hopium Machina, a high-end’ French hydrogen sedan , which will soon be produced in Normandy. To be honest, we didn’t see the president sitting in the car, a very muscular security cordon put us off strongly. But this car looks good. Even if it is not the only one in this category and in this assortment at the exhibition.

NamX, hydrogen SUV designed by Pininfarina
NamX, hydrogen SUV designed by Pininfarina (CLAIRE FLEURY FOR “L’OBS”)

The Franco-Moroccan NamX SUV is also impressive, with its line designed by the legendary Italian company Pininfarina. As for the technical performance, we do not know anything at the moment, just like those of the various Asian models presented at the World Cup. But in the absence of German and American manufacturers, the massive Chinese presence is clearly revealed to those who until then did not want to see it.

Taxis, cars, heavy goods vehicles … is the switch to hydrogen underway?Mondial de l’Auto, until October 23, Porte de Versailles, Paris.

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