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That start up Next 40 and French Tech 120 must publish their professional equality index. And this from 2023.

Why only focus on large groups when talking about inclusion and diversity? That start up, they also have their part to play. Monday 17 October the national association for equal opportunities Different days published a study entitled “The start up, inclusion and diversity” in collaboration with PwC France and the Maghreb, and Occurrence. On arrival, despite some effort, our young shoots still have plenty of room to manoeuvre.

“Almost 10% of CDI offers in France are offered by start up while only 20% of French workers have already considered applying. It is absolutely necessary to get out of this mimicry,” explains the co-founder of Diversidays Anthony Babkine. In other words, employees of the universe start up tend to resemble each other. A kind of cloning. When French workers are asked about the criteria likely to limit recruitment within start upappear: the diploma level (for 50% of them), age (48%), geographical origin (16%), social origin (15%), ethnic origin (14%) and gender (14%). ).

“It is urgent to get an objective inclusion and diversity policy in place […] use the right tools. Those that make it possible to measure, to recruit differently, to exchange between peers and to further improve the employee career so that it no longer favors a single type of profile”, defends Anthony Babkine.

The professional equality index revealed from 2023 for some start up

That start up Respondents, like large companies, perceive inclusion and diversity as an “important” issue. A vector of talent retention, growth and performance. It is difficult to say otherwise today – it is already a small step forward. The co-founder of the equality association reminds us: “Companies with a highly diversified composition are 45% more likely to show growth in their market share compared to the previous year and 70% more likely to conquer a new market. »

But actually the situations are off discrimination are also found in these companies. The study clarifies that for those considering applying, the risk of being exposed to discrimination is high: 39% of employees in start up claim to have been a victim, 40% claim to have witnessed it.

Promising obligations

So for more transparency, from 2023 start up Next 40 and French Tech 120, must publish their professional equality index. The wage gap between women and men, this is an example of what this index measures. “Companies will also have to publish a CO2 footprint. The goal is to start up integrate social and environmental criteria and communicate about it,” Jean-Noël Barrot, minister delegate for the digital transition and telecommunications, told AFP. Inclusion and diversity, two big challenges, all the more important as start up constitute “the big companies of tomorrow”, predicts Pauline Adam-Kalfon, partner in charge of inclusion and diversity, PwC France and the Maghreb.

Finally, 12 investment funds have just signed up for one technology more including: Alter Equity, Daphni, Educapital, Eurazeo, Isai, Parquest, Raise, Ring Capital, Sagard, Serena, 360 Capital and Galion.exe. These foundations first engage on different levers: training their managers on diversity issues, appointing an inclusion and diversity officer, etc. and intend to influence start up, via including an “inclusion and diversity – equal opportunities” clause in investment covenants.

The five recommendations from Diversidays:

  1. Bring the D&I ambition to the highest level of the company and bet on collective intelligence and group dynamics;
  2. Seize the recruitment opportunity as a key moment to welcome diversified talent;
  3. Get support thanks to the support of all actors involved and the relevant tools (eg Tech Your Place);
  4. encourage investment funds to position themselves to force a change of funds with respect to these issues, in the absence of sufficient incentives legal restrictions;
  5. Establish D&I criteria within the framework of the Next 40 and Next 120 rankings to integrate these classifications.

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