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At, we like to think of ourselves as superheroes, able to find the best used cars for every driver! After all, the automotive sphere is going through a turbulent period and the task is not easy.

Fall in sales of used cars

In the fall of 2022, the automotive world continues to move forward in slow motion. Covid crisis, shortage of electronic components, extension of delivery times for new cars, enthusiasm and then shortage transferred to used cars, war in Ukraine… So many important events for several months have tested sellers of cars with dwindling stocks. The latest used vehicles are the most affected with a significant drop in sales of 24.2%.

Good news, sales of new cars have increased as well 3.8% in August 2022 compared to August 2021 according to AAA-Data. This improvement comes after more than a year of consecutive declines.

A thinning in Brittany and Normandy

Despite this difficult context, certain regions in the West are doing better in August than other regions in France. According to AAA-Data, there has been an increase in registrations in Normandy on +21% and off +6% in Brittany.

Potential for car ads in the West

Thanks to its position as the leader of car classifieds sites in the great west, visitors to Ouest France Auto can discover more than 20,000 used car ads in Brittany, but also in the Pays de la Loire region, and more than 10,000 cars for sale in Normandy. makes every effort to find as many used vehicles as possible and offers a wide selection of advertisements to its visitors. To his credit, more than 180,000 used cars are for sale across France to date!

Supplies, motorhomes and motorcycles

Motorhomes and vans are popular

To complete the used car offer, Ouest-France Auto also advertises all types of motorized used vehicles. With the growing success of RV buying, there are nearly 2,000 options for used motorhomes and caravans to enter the page.

For the needs of type of vehicles utility companies, vans and vansThere are more than 11,000 ads to discover.

Finally, for fans of two-wheeled, 125cc & large displacement scooters, there are more than 4,000 ads for used motorcycles available at

Dille for rent with option to buy

Drivers are moving more easily towards leasing with an option to buy (LOA) to ensure they find a newer car. Drivers increasingly tend to buy their car at the end of their lease. To buy his car in LOA, the driver must pay the balance due at the end of his contract to become the owner.

According to Laure Nivot, Market Intelligence Manager at AAA DATA, this phenomenon can be explained “probably due to the lack of availability of new cars and the inflation affecting the used market.”

Essential tools dedicated to used vehicles, the leading used vehicle classifieds site in the Great West

The whole team off, 1st car advertising site in the West, puts on his superhero costume to help each visitor find the vehicle they need. search assistant

Faced with the scarcity and rising prices of certain car models, buyers can feel helpless and no longer know which car to buy. Others just don’t know which car to go for.

To do this, the team has created a very simple tool, Search Assistant, which allows visitors to search for cars based on their driving habits.

Home car delivery

Like any delivery service, the phenomenon has taken a leap forward since Covid, and the car is no exception. Many professional car or cross transport services now allow you to have your car delivered to a collection point or at home to avoid the journey of collecting your car hundreds of kilometers away. Having your car delivered also allows you to widen your search to all used car ads that can be delivered to your home anywhere in France for more options.

The free car valuation

Free car rating on

Whether it is in connection with a sale, a car trade or a purchase, knowing the price of a used car in real time on the car market is an important step.

That is why has decided to offer each visitor to his site an estimate of his car with its auto odds simulator.

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