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According to the schedule, which has already been revised several times, the maximum state bonus for people who buy a new electric car for less than 47,000 euros should be lowered from 6,000 to 5,000 euros on January 1, 2023. The President of the Republic has just announced, on the contrary, that the before long would be raised to 7,000 euros for the benefit of the more modest half of French households.

Up to 7,000 euro bonus

During a long interview given to the daily newspaper Les Echos, Emmanuel Macron clarified his position in favor of less emissive mobility, while taking care not to highlight a certain social divide.

This requires better accessibility to electric cars, especially for drivers who, even if they already volunteered to become electric drivers, would experience difficulties in making their project a reality. For them, the increase in the organic bonus to 7,000 euros presents itself as an additional boost.

The eligibility conditions should be communicated quickly with implementation as soon as possible. However, it is to be hoped that this action does not result in an increase in the prices of the concessions.

Rent of 100 euros

Journalists from Les Echos asked for news on another measure that could promote the transition to electromobility. This is the electric car project for more or less long-term rental at 100 euros monthly rental. Emmanuel Macron assured that this program is currently subject to technical work with the development of a schedule.

The president also wants the electric car for 100 euros a month to benefit his strategy for French production, or at least European. Pre-orders would be open” in the second half of 2023 », with first deliveries in early 2024.

We are impatient to discover the model or models of electric cars in question and the brands that will have accepted the call of the head of state. The tight price with a financial package without unpleasant surprises and a contained CO2 footprint, will they allow to maintain autonomy, recharging power, comfort and acceptable habitability for households?

Revitalize the automotive industry

While manufacturers have exhibited their concepts and new electric models on the stands of the Paris Motor Show, which has just opened its doors, Emmanuel Macron reminded that the transition to electric is not the cause of the difficulties that the sector is testing today.

For this he focused for the first time on the 2000s with 4 million vehicles produced in France at the beginning of this decade, and more than half in 2009. manufacturers that have moved car production both to open new markets and to still offer more equipped models without causing prices to explode.

The president outlined the main lines of a roadmap that goes through 2027 and 2030 with one million and then 2 million electric vehicles produced in France respectively. In 5 years, electric cars should represent 30% of new sales, all power sources combined.

Win-win scenario

In a way, the president is calling for a common 2-pronged regression: production moved to France, with a return to basics in terms of vehicle specifications. In such a way that sustainable mobility becomes an asset in a win-win scenario: a win for our country’s industry by including the often abused subcontractors and a win for the citizens.

Korean manufacturers Kia and Hyundai have already shown how to come from a blank sheet of efficient models that offer useful new technologies such as V2D (Vehicle-to-Device = From the vehicle to the electrical unit to be driven). Very attractive, and sometimes also very convincing, Chinese electric cars are spreading in France.

French brands have no choice but to show excellence in their future offerings and to speak a new language in concessions.

Charger too

For the journalists of Les Echos, the President presented a few figures: 1.1 million terminals in total in France, 70,000 public terminals installed, 3,000 new terminals put into operation every month, 100,000 public terminals available at the end of the first half of 2023 and 400,000 in 2030.

He announced that he wanted to extend the tariff shield to this essential equipment for electric vehicles in order to ” to avoid adventures like some of our neighbors “. During a recent trip to Bordeaux, I noticed that in some cases AC charging could be billed without limitation at about 10 cents per minute.

Since the power is divided by 2 with 2 cars connected simultaneously, it would cost around 135-150 euros to recharge the 64 kWh battery in an electric car equipped with a 7 kW charger. And this by stopping the vehicle for approximately 25 hours. To compare, Ionity would almost do well in social.

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