5 things to do locally if you’re not really car-savvy

From our envoy to the Paris Motor Show,

You’ve pissed off your bitumen-loving friend for years with your passion for rock climbing, corgis, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and not a single complaint from him. So when the latter invited you to accompany him to the Paris Motor Show, open to the public between this Tuesday and next Sunday, you didn’t dare say no. Only here, to quote two of our presidents of the republic, the car “touches you without moving the other” and you are afraid of being bored while your friend is having fun discovering the new hybrid engine X-280 .

HAVE 20 minutes, we were able to preview the show on Monday, a day reserved for the press. And we’ve found five activities that you can do for the not-so-passionate.

No, this image is not blurred, it just illustrates speed – JLD / 20 minutes

After all, even if it means being there, you might as well experience some chills. Far from the models that can only be touched with the eyes, Speed2mix invites you to grab an electric kart and race on a track installed in the heart of the Paris Expo. If the vehicles are limited to around 50 km/h, the circuit remains narrow and the bends steep enough to give two or three heart palpitations well felt.

Count a few minutes, many laps and very angry overtaking of your rivals. Don’t worry: driving into a kart is prohibited and will result in disqualification. A rule that one of our colleagues learned the hard way, which allowed us not to finish dead last, but to sit proudly in fifth place out of six participants, saving the honor of 20 minutes. If you are better than us and finish in the top 3, you should know that the stand offers a podium for honor. Champagne is not included.

  • Save your leather shoes and your old wooden table
As the stand shows, you don't need a car for the leather to serve you
As the stand shows, you don’t need a car for leather to serve you – JLD / 20Minute

A deal is a deal, even at the Paris Motor Show. We therefore suggest that you buy a jar of Renapur, made from beeswax and jojoba oil, “a product that is only sold in professional salons and is not commercially available”, swears the clerk.

As you have probably understood, Renapur pots are here for the leather interior of cars, but nothing prevents you from using them for your shoes, your bags or your furniture. “On shoes, you have about 500 uses,” or a once-a-week jar that will last you nearly ten years. The virtues are the same as for any shoe polish: strengthen your leather, make it shine, and make it waterproof in bad weather. 25 euro pot, you won’t have come to the show for nothing.

  • Find your child’s Christmas toys (or yours) at the King Toy stand
Come on, even if you don't like cars, you can still admire this very ambitious Lego build
Come on, even if you don’t like cars, you can still marvel at this very ambitious Lego construction – JLD / 20Minutes

At the stand itself, you will of course only find toys dedicated to the world of vehicles – mainly Lego. We are at the Paris Motor Show. But the booth offers Christmas catalogs, free of course, that list all types of toys and even leaves a computer available if you’re looking for a specific gift.

Clothing, Spider-Man costumes, dinosaur figures or indéboulonnables Power 4 and Cluedomore than enough to get away from it all.

  • Learn to drive better with the police

Just because you have some affinity with the car doesn’t mean you don’t need – or never will – use it. You might as well have your back and your driving with the gendarmerie, which offers a driving simulator on the stand. You can choose a theme as a weak point, for example braking, overtaking, blind spots. You test the simulator and a sharp cop then gives you feedback. “It takes six minutes at most, and the idea is to get out of it with a safer ride,” one of them told me.

Due to life danger, the machine had broken down on Monday, but we were promised it would be fixed on Tuesday (so you’ll forgive us for the missing picture). It’s up to you to test your talents and then listen to the advice, because we’re all a little tired of people who don’t put their indicators on.

  • Support the fight against genetic diseases
The Imagine Institute fights against genetic diseases, the main cause of child mortality in France
Imagine Institute fights genetic diseases, the leading cause of child mortality in France – JLD / 20Minutes

For 5 euros donated to the Imagine Institute, which fights to promote research into genetic diseases, you can try to win a Ferrari Roma. And since cars don’t really interest you, we’re talking about a totally disinterested act here.

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