10 courses to help you start your own business

Creation of the business plan, search for financing, customer loyalty… It is not enough to have a concept to start a business. Whether it is in terms of accounting, communication or marketing, the creation of a business is characterized by stages that require certain skills. To familiarize yourself with the various technical knowledge related to entrepreneurship, it may be wise to follow certain specific training courses.

But it is sometimes difficult to sort through the abundant supply of training available. To make the task easier for future entrepreneurs, our partner Topformation has selected various courses that can be very useful in connection with setting up a business.

Find an example of training for each step that completes the creation of a business. They cost between 900 and 4,250 euros, and can be financed in whole or in part through your personal training account (CPF), on which you earn rights to train yourself every year. These companies will be able to answer all your questions during the virtual fair dedicated to CPF, organized by Capital and Topformation, on March 18 and 19.

Explore the basics of entrepreneurship

Are you looking to acquire a global vision for business creation? For this, there are complete training courses which allow you to cover the basics of entrepreneurship. This is especially the case with the training “Individual support to create and develop your business”, provided by Force LMS, which transfers a method to successfully create and develop a business. From finance to commercial law to accounting education, the education is comprehensive. Alongside a theoretical education consisting of 10 courses, the organization offers personal support from a consultant specializing in entrepreneurship. The latter is present at every stage of the participant’s entrepreneurial project through one meeting per week conducted externally.

Training duration: 3 months

The highlight of the training: Its interactive platform, like a video game. The e-learning platform used recreates a training center: embodied by avatars, participants can move around and interact with other participants.

Do a skills assessment

Before embarking on a business creation project, it may be interesting to take stock of your career as part of a skills assessment. The latter gives you the opportunity to measure your strengths and personal abilities, but also to formulate your professional ambitions. ACE thus offers the training “Skills assessment”, a course which aims to bring out the potential and project of the active people. Personnel consultants, engineers, coaches and psychologists accompany each participant throughout the course. A support program is tailored with an adviser who also defines the goals to be achieved during the training. The latter is actually focused on the construction of the participant’s project, from observing skills to testing the project in relation to the labor market.

Training duration: 24 hours in total

The highlight of the training: The participants themselves choose the adviser who will accompany them during their training. They meet several professionals and choose the one that best suits their project.

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Get funding to create your project

Starting a business usually requires start-up capital. Before you go to different organizations for funding, you must first ensure the solidity of your project and know how to defend it. To help entrepreneurs convince investors to support them, the LiveMentor organization offers the training “Funding your project: from business plan to pitch”. Participants learn how to obtain legal status, build a business plan and defend their project. The support is personal and adapts to the problems of each participant: an experienced mentor (understand a companion) is present by their side throughout the training. The course also provides access to a private Facebook group, which allows participants to exchange and collaborate with their peers.

Training duration: 105 hours

The highlight of the training: The members of the LiveMentor team remain present with the participants at the end of the training and offer two months of support to facilitate their entrepreneurial integration.

Discover accounting

Although it is not necessarily the most exciting part of establishing a business, the accounts of your future business must be prepared and managed. To become familiar with the basics of accounting, it is possible to follow a course that covers the main accounting mechanisms. The Comptalia organization thus offers training in “Preparation of the company’s general accounts”, to master the profit and loss account, book entries or even inventory work. Specifically, at the end of this training, participants are able to enter all accounting documents, perform bank reconciliations, edit the VAT return and finally perform accounting work via software, dedicated accounting.

Training duration: 3 to 6 months

The highlight of the training: The training schedule is personal (from 4 to 20 hours of study per week, outside or during working hours) and flexible during the course.

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Promote your brand on social media

Once your business is created, it’s time to make it known. Social networks have become a key space to promote a brand, promote its products, but also create privileged contact with consumers. To familiarize entrepreneurs with community management, Open Classroom offers training centered on creating content on social networks, managing communication campaigns or animating a community with a brand speech. Also covered during the training is managing communication with influencers, performing an e-reputation audit or even organizing live events on social networks.

Training duration: 11 months

The highlight of the training: Throughout the course, participants are trained through practical cases that must be solved.

learn to sell

You’ve developed your business plan, obtained financing and obtained your legal status. Now you just have to sell your products and retain your customers. Manitude’s training in “Managing the Key Stages of a Successful Sale” can then enable you to acquire the tools to master the various stages of the sale. You will learn to organize and implement prospecting, to conduct sales meetings face to face but also on the phone, and you will finally be trained to close a sale.

Training duration: 3 or 5 days

The highlight of the training: Simulations are carried out throughout the training to put the participants in a situation.

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Take advantage of e-commerce

The e-commerce sector, which has already been gaining momentum for several years, saw a real boom during the health crisis. Whether via home delivery or click and collect, online sales have proven extremely resilient during the health crisis. For active people who want to start entrepreneurship, e-commerce is therefore a key point to take into account in building their business model. But before getting started, it is still necessary to know how online commerce works: developing an easily navigable website, offering a pleasant user experience or even succeeding in being visible on the Internet are all skills that need to be developed. The training organization My connecting thus offers the training “Boost your sales thanks to e-commerce”, built on four levers: being visible, generating traffic, selling and cashing in.

Training duration: 19 hours

The highlight of the training: Entrepreneurs come out of their training with an operational website to sell and collect.

Managing your team

Acquiring concepts of management can be useful for entrepreneurs who want to recruit employees. The training course “Team Management Course – Positivt Cooperation” provided by the organization Hommes et coopération allows for the development of several skills in management, such as leadership, knowing how to follow and share a strategy or even handle difficult situations and conflicts. After studying the basics of team management, participants are trained in positive management with a focus on well-being at work, to finally learn how to organize their team and manage performance. Once their training is complete, participants join the community of certified positive leaders to continue their development as a group.

Training duration: 45 hours

The highlight of the training: A conscious positive orientation: emphasis is placed on well-being at work, in order to train benevolent managers.

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Get started with Photoshop

To make photo montages and thus design your brand’s website, Photoshop software can be very useful. The Agiss organization offers quick training to discover the basics of the software and be able to make a photo montage in a professional environment. The training is led by a professional graphic designer, who takes into account the context and needs of the individual participant (for example, we do not create in the same way if the result is to be printed or on the web). The training is intended to be concrete and mobilizes the participants: the expert explains the different practices, then everyone implements their explanations by making photo montages. The training is adapted to each asset: it can be completely individual or in small groups, external or face-to-face, and can also be carried out within a company.

Training duration: Three days

The highlight of the training: Participants leave with video tutorials of the various tools they learned, so they can watch them again whenever they want.

Get an education in project management

As a company manager, it can be interesting to acquire the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, the international reference certification in project management. To prepare you for this exam, the QRP organization offers training covering the various stages of project management. All elements related to project management are thus examined, such as budget, tender or calendar. The training takes place over five full days: One theme is covered per day, characterized by practical cases and accompanied by exam questions to ensure that the concepts have been understood along the way. It should be noted that the certification is aimed at project managers and young entrepreneurs, but that it is still necessary to have at least 3 years of project management experience.

Training duration: 5 days

The highlight of the training: The trainers are certified in SMEs but also in other good management practices, which makes it possible to bring different visions and answers to the participants’ questions.


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