With the fuel crisis, the rental of electric cars is experiencing a resurgence – Liberation

The lack of fuels benefits the electricity sector. The rental of this type of vehicle is increasing throughout the country.

“Our electric car rental requests have increased by 300% in recent days, and that across France”, assures Thomas Ceccaldi, founder of the rental agency Roadstr. Faced with the fuel shortage, which now affects 28.5% of filling stations in the country, according to the Minister of Ecological Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, on Friday, some French are abandoning thermal vehicles, at least temporarily. “Our order books are almost full for the next two weekends, emphasizes the entrepreneur. In this period of uncertainty, people try to anticipate. We already have reservations for the Christmas period.

The rental agency offers electric sedans with a range of several hundred kilometers on the highway. “In contrast to city models, it is a very reliable alternative to the petrol car. They allow you to make medium and long journeys and recharge very quickly”, boasts the company. The company has also created a rental platform that allows everyone to offer their own electric car for rent. According to Thomas Ceccaldi, inquiries have poured in in recent days in all the cities where the application is available.

This new interest in electricity has also been observed by the city of Nice. The Riviera metropolis, which has been offering electric cars for rent for more than a decade, has seen a 30% to 50% increase in rentals of the 110 cars it makes available in recent days. “According to the data we have, it will mainly be active people who borrow our cars for two, three days or even weekly”, points out Richard Chemla, deputy delegate for ecological and energy transition.

Hybrid bikes are getting started

The company Olympic Location, which has twelve agencies spread over the metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence, temperament. “There was a slight increase, but not as expected, describes one of the employees of the parent company. For people who travel long distances, electric does not replace gasoline cars.

But in the city, over short distances, electricity is particularly relevant. To the point that VTC drivers are also tempted to take the plunge. Days without work and time lost in long queues are a loss of revenue for their turnover. Ile-de-France company Clicar, which specializes in rentals for professional drivers, has seen its requests for electric cars rise by 30% in the past two weeks. It is currently not possible to reserve one at the agency. A shipment of 300 electric cars is expected in November.

Background trend

Other professions are very dependent on the car. Isabelle Salvat, medical secretary, decided to give up her old thermomobile last year. A choice she does not regret “on the basis of the circumstances”. “Compared to my colleagues, it is something of a privilege. Whether they are physiotherapists, medical assistants or others, they must travel to patients’ homes. It’s really very complicated for them.” emphasizes the mother.

But not everyone has yet taken the plunge, petrol shortage or not. “It is still too early to be sure that the current fuel crisis has an impact on the purchase of plug-in cars. On the other hand, there is a fundamental trend emerging,” says Mathilde Aubry, manager at Beev, a car broker specializing in the subject. Which has also since the beginning of the month recorded a 55% increase in requests for information from its advisers about the transition to electric. With sky-high electricity prices, one could fear a threat to the entire sector. The opposite seems to be happening.

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