Patrick Haquet has been appointed Director of CCRIL’s Social Living Space

Patrick Haquet, new director of Social Life Space at CCRIL ©Alain Gerlach

Patrick Haquet has recently become one new head of the “Social Life” department in the Conversation Facility and the director of the Social Life Space by the Center for Culture, Resources, Initiatives and Leisure (CCRIL). At the top of its roadmap for 2022-2023 is the main point of its mission: to build the future social center of CCRIL.

Patrick Haquet, a “master” of associations

Patrick Haquet, a figure in the region’s associative world, is one former basketball player and has spent most of his career in professional sports. He played in various teams such as ASVEL de Villeurbanne (the team crowned champion of France in 1981), Etendard de Brest, Berk Basket Côte d’Opale… He then became a coach in Lisieux, Cabourg, Touques… At 59 year, he is currently president of the ABCC (Action and Coordination), an association which, when it was created, organized sports events and further education courses. Become multidisciplinary to date, the collective is now the origin of many cultural and artistic meetings. Before he became the new head of EVS at CCRIL, Patrick Haquet was coordinating head of the “invisible office” in ACCES 27the association that fights unemployment and supports people in difficulties in Bernay.

CCRIL, a space of services for all

CCRIL, located in La Trinité-de-Réville (Eure), provides many services to the public of all generations. The center offers a “France Services” area enables the implementation of administrative procedures (request for registration, information on taxes, pension, child benefit, employment and more generally, daily administrative procedures, etc.). On the 4th Friday of each month, a mediator allows for the amicable settlement of disputes submitted to it (neighbourhood, consumption, rural district law, etc.). CCRIL is also an early childhood relay, a place for children and parents to share and a leisure center for 3 to 16 year olds. There are also associations that offer cultural or leisure activities (English lessons, dance, workshops, etc.) and rooms available for shows, seminars, conferences or exhibitions.

Guide CCRIL towards its transformation into a social centre

Patrick Haquet recognizes that the mission entrusted to him by the intercom Bernay Terres de Normandie is not the easiest. ” Transform CCRIL Social Life Space into a social hub will require considerable daily work, but also, and above all, participation of residents, elected officials and associations. I encourage all those who have ideas to promote the territory to contact me,” says the new director. The aim is to submit an application at the end of 2023 to the Family Benefits Fund with a view to obtaining approval to open a social centre. Meanwhile, CCRIL’s EVS will be in “prefiguration of a social centre”.

If the difference between the two structures may not seem obvious at first glance, it is a fact that after the approval of the CAF board, the new social center will be allocated additional resources. bring more services and activities to the area of the former canton of Broglie. The center will be a place for the animation of social life, a place that will allow the inhabitants to express, to conceive and to carry out their projects.

To succeed in the project, the approach that Patrick Haquet has foreseen is to involve all those who want to participate in the creation of the social center. For this, working meetings (called prefiguration workshops) will take place at CCRIL. The first is scheduled for Monday 17 October and the following each last Monday of the month from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 19:00 to 21:00. In these times of discussion and reflection, everyone will be able to give ideas for problems of the territory (old age, youth, precariousness, health, mobility, family, etc.) to define the axes of intervention in a social project. After that, technical meetings will be arranged to define the objectives, the expected results and the actions to be implemented to achieve these results.

Information 02 32 44 44 43 or Patrick Haquet on 06 26 18 55 10 – email [email protected]

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