France Services permanent office in Boulleret, a place at the service of the inhabitants

It is a sober, very simple office, set up in a wing of the Boulleret school. From the window you can see the playground and further on the trees in the small valley that borders the village. Here, confidentiality is ensured in peace and quiet.

For some time societies and institutions have been holding regular sessions at this place. Employment, housing, access to the law… From them, the population of the village and neighboring towns can find information, advice and support in a number of areas of daily life.

“A room of confidentiality”

A social worker, the local energy and climate agency in Cher (Alec 18), the departmental council for access to law, the mutual insurance company Mos, with which Boulleret has created a municipal investment fund, the local mission, the association for integration through employment Trajectoires and the gendarmerie come at least once a month, or even twice. Public finances also come several times a year. These actors in local life are part of the partners of the municipal structure France Services, located a hundred meters from the office space. It is the relay with the population of nine national partners

to which local collaborators are added, and can help with daily procedures, especially those to be carried out via the Internet.

The France Services house in Boulleret was inaugurated, a structure that allows “life is not so difficult in our landscape”

“We have a somewhat atypical France Services house,” says Jean-Louis Billaut, the town’s mayor. The premises are only 32 m² in size and already house the municipal postal service, which works very well, as well as a digital public space. We therefore decided to develop an office for the duration, in the former school accommodation, to have a confidential space. »

The location is strategic. Opposite the town hall, it is centrally located. The gate that closes the school yard is a guarantee of safety and, due to its location in the school, it is a passage point. “We need to install a small window at the entrance to display information,” the mayor said. Parents and grandparents who come by to pick up children from school will be able to see them. “The location is interesting for certain special cases. “We have thought about cases of domestic violence, notes the mayor. During school hours, a parent can take the opportunity to come discreetly to the gendarmerie. »

The gendarmerie ensures a monthly detention in Boulleret from September

The range of durations is enriched little by little. The gendarmerie joined the partners this summer. Others could join them, such as the Documentation and Information Center for Women and Families. Maurice Barate, prefect of Cher, who came to visit the site during the France Service open house that took place over the past two weeks, praised the structure’s concern to “adapt to the needs of the inhabitants”. through the actions carried out: “A good example”.

A space to learn about computers

A new space has recently been added to the France Service reception and guardrooms: a computer room in the nearby sports complex. It is used by France Services’ digital advisor, Charlène Léger, to conduct introductory workshops for the residents of the area. “This room was once used by school children,” says the mayor. It was no longer used, as the computer equipment is present directly in the classroom today. But we wanted to keep this place because we felt we could do something about it. Through these initiatives, the goal is to make life easier for the residents. »

La Poste, Pôle Emploi, the Family Allowance Fund, the primary health insurance fund, Mutualité sociale agricole, the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, the Directorate-General for Public Finance.

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