Artisan, merchant or liberal? This pro account meets your needs

Are you a micro-entrepreneur or an individual entrepreneur (craftsman, merchant, farmer, self-employed, etc.)? Hey bank! has adapted its current account to a version adapted to this clientele. Called Hello Business, this formula goes beyond a simple bank account: it offers an all-in-one solution to ease the work of entrepreneurs.

Before opening an account, you must first meet the eligibility conditions (be of legal age, live in France, be declared as an individual entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur and have a SIREN number). To take advantage of this, Hey bank! also asks for a contribution of 10.90 euros excluding tax per month. Right now, the first 2 months are free.

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Why choose this pro current account?

As with the individual account, the heart of the Hello Business offer is the current account. It comes with an international Visa bank card that allows you to pay for all your purchases (payments and withdrawals) anywhere in the world and for free. On the mobile app and website, you can track the status of your accounts in real time to ensure transactions.

More generally, all operations can be performed from a computer or a mobile application. Hello Business is designed to offer maximum autonomy to each user. Six months after opening your account, Hey Bank! gives you a cash facility (1,550 euros). Right from the start, it allows you to use a deferred payment card to manage your financing needs.

The customer can always change his payment limits (and withdrawals), block and unblock his credit card in real time. If you are traveling abroad and have a problem, Hey bank! will send you a temporary replacement card within 72 hours and/or a cash advance in local currency. Note that this card is compatible with Apple Pay and Paylib.

My Business Assistant Start, kézako?

Developed by the BNP Paribas group (to which the bank Hello bank! belongs), My Business Assistant Start is a tool that allows customers to better manage their invoicing. It is a kind of user-friendly management software that will enable freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs to manage invoices and quotes quite easily.

My Business Assistant Start provides, for example, the opportunity to create and manage customer files, create and change offers and generate invoices. It is a small invoice management software that provides better monitoring of your accounts in real time. Instead of paying for an external solution or struggling to do it yourself, My Business Assistant Start will save you a lot of trouble.

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A range of premium services

As part of its offer to professionals, Hey Bank! provides access to multi-risk insurance for professionals. This includes professional liability (in case of damage caused to others in connection with your activity), premises and property insurance (in case of damage), compensation for operating loss in case of damage, computer and office guarantees and legal protection.

When it created Hello Business, Hello Bank! wanted to think about all their target customers’ use cases. It is for this reason that it has also developed a payment service with a mobile TPE. This formula called Hello Pay Pro allows you to buy a terminal (39 euros) and then collect payments by bank card (with a commission of 1.60% including tax). It is an internal alternative to SumUp or Zettle.

Finally, you cannot avoid the professional credit that is available for, for example, acquiring computer equipment or company cars. It allows you to receive up to 25,000 euros within 48 working hours after validating the file in the online bank. Ultimately, Hello Business offers a complete and tailored service to all entrepreneurs who are well aware of their daily needs.

At this time, and until 30 November 2022, Hey bank! offers the first 2 months to all its new Hello Business customers. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the surroundings without any commitment. We remind you that the online bank will not keep you, you can discover its service and its products without any restrictions.

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